Fiberwig Mascara

Enjoy dramatic, red carpet-worthy lashes every day!.

It's tough to create mascara that stands out from the competition, but Fiberwig mascara has easily gained itself quite a following thanks to its unique formula and ability to transform the eyes!

Red Carpet Lashes

If you've ever watched the red carpet arrivals at an awards ceremony or checked out pictures of a movie premiere, chances are you've noticed the intensity of the celebrities' eyelashes. Though it's nice to think that we could all achieve this star-studded look with the simple flick of a mascara wand, the reality is that celebrities almost always make liberal use of false eyelashes.

Jennifer Lopez flits through most minds at the mention of false lashes; the artist has sported everything from spidery, single lashes to falsies made of fox fur! Usually they'll also add some mascara to the lashes to complete the look. After all, if drama is the intended effect, it's usually best to go the whole nine yards!

Achieving the Look at Home

You're off to a big function or on a special date and want to look your very best. Gorgeous lashes are definitely a part of that equation, but false lashes aren't necessarily the option for everyone. In fact, they can be quite tricky for first-timers to apply - and the day of a big event isn't the time to get ambitious and risk a lash faux pas. In this case, Fiberwig mascara comes in more than handy!

Created by Imju (pronounced 'ee-myoo'), one of Japan's leading cosmetic manufacturers, Fiberwig is touted as going "beyond mascara" to offer women that extra something that basic mascaras simply don't have. Sure, it lengthens lashes like nobody's business and defines them nicely, but don't all mascaras tend to have that same relative effect? Therein lies the secret to Fiberwig's success: It promises to go the extra mile and make those lashes look irresistibly dramatic. It's possible that this is what makes it Japan's best-selling mascara.

What Makes Fiberwig Mascara Different

Of course, any cosmetic manufacturer that knows what it's doing will go to great lengths (no pun intended) to market its breakthrough product. Imju is no different, although to its credit, Fiberwig has had a remarkable impact on the industry. Its various traits are broken down into several categories:


If you've toyed with the idea of wearing false lashes, consider Fiberwig instead. The product is rich in fiber and contains double the amount found in basic mascaras. The fibers mean one thing for your lashes: Length, and lots of it! Each fiber adheres and effectively "seals" itself to the lash. The more coats of mascara you apply, the longer your lashes become.

What do fibers mean more technically, though? Broken down, Fiberwig contains two types of extra-thin nylon fibers in short and long sizes. Both intertwine with each other to form a lightweight film that coats and seals each lash. The lashes also seal into each other, resulting in extended lashes that grow with each stroke of the mascara wand. The brush is designed to separate and coat each lash individually, allowing for a fuller look.


Since each lash is individually defined with a coat of fiber, the risk of smudging and flaking is virtually eliminated. The company claims that no matter what the conditions may be - heat, humidity, rain or snow - the mascara simply will not smear and will last the day.

Easy Removal

It might last the day and not budge an inch, but when you're ready to remove it, you'll have an easy time. Just splash your eyes with warm water. The mascara absorbs the water and then swells, which makes it simple to remove.

Just use your finger and thumb to gently slide the fibers off. You'll find they remove quickly and easily. Note that it's not unheard of for lashes to fall off every now and then; be sure to remove your mascara gently to keep your lashes in great safe. Don't hesitate to use a lash-conditioning product to enhance the good health of your lashes.

Where to Purchase

Buy Fiberwig at Sephora for $22. For the same price, you can opt for the Fiberwig Long Lash Kit, a limited-edition kit that contains the mascara, a compact eyelash curler and an instructional DVD to help you get the most out of your mascara.

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Fiberwig Mascara