Female Vampire Makeup

Female vampire makeup

Women who plan to don a vampire outfit for Halloween or a costume party should wear female vampire makeup to pull off this look.

Movie Inspiration for Female Vampire Makeup

In recent years, vampires have traded in their vicious appearance for a sexier fanged look. Attractive vampires on the big screen have made the female vampire a strong, sensual creature with perfect makeup. The "Underworld" character Selene, played by Kate Beckinsale has a pale look offset by crystal blue eyes. In Van Helsing, Elena Anaya played Aleera, one of Dracula's blonde wives.The female vampires had deep red lips, long hair and elegant eye makeup. Get inspired by your favorite vampire movies to find the perfect female vampire makeup for you.

Makeup Application

Try this makeup application for a romantic-looking vampire. You can add your own creative touches to this basic look.

  1. Moisturize clean skin and allow the moisturizer to dry. Moisturizing skin first will make the foundation application easier.
  2. Apply a cream to powder foundation a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone on your face and neck using a damp makeup sponge. Cover your lips, too.
  3. Sweep your face with translucent face powder and a large brush. Sweep from the forehead down to the neck making small circular movements.
  4. Brush your eyebrows upward and outward. Use a dark brown or black eyebrow pencil to arch and define your eyes.
  5. Close one eye. Draw an arc in the crease of the eye with black eyeliner. The arc should extend from the inner eye to the outer eye. This will be the base for your smoky female vampire look. Do this for both eyes.
  6. Use an eyeshadow brush to fill in the arc with black or gray eyeshadow.
  7. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler.
  8. Add eyeliner to the outer corners of your eye to give them have a slight cat eye look.
  9. Apply black mascara to the eyelashes or wear fake eyelashes for a sexier look.
  10. Draw your lips on using first a nude lip liner then a red liner. Fill in the lips with a dark blood red lip pencil.

More Vampire Makeup Tips

Vampire with blood on mouth

These optional tips can take your vampy look a step further.


  • Finish your female vampire makeup by drawing on a little fake blood to the corner of the mouth.
  • Make your red lips more attractive by whitening your teeth a few weeks before the party. Use an at home whitening kit to get an ultra white vampire look.

Add Colored Contacts

Colored or special effects contacts can add an exciting fantasy aspect to your makeup look. If you do plan to wear costume contacts, put your contacts in before applying your eye makeup. Do not wear novelty contacts from an unreliable source.

Neck and Bodice Makeup

Vampire with blood on neck

If your costume has a low or plunging neckline, you will need to apply makeup to your neck and bodice area. Applying makeup to your face alone will diminish your vampirish appearance. After moisturizing your skin, use a plain white body powder like unscented talc and a large puff to apply the white powder to the area. Sprinkle the puff with powder and then press it on to the skin. Do this before putting on your costume to avoid transferring powder to your clothing.

To add gory detail, create a bloody gash to your neck to give the illusion that you have been "feeding" others. Use a bright red makeup crayon to draw the gash on your neck. Alternatively, you may wish to buy a "wound" from a costume supply store.

Careful and creative makeup application, along with special attention to details, can give you a convincing vampire look. Go sultry and sexy, or garish and gory; a vampire look can be anything you choose.

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Female Vampire Makeup