Fantasy Peacock Makeup Pictures

Fantasy Peacock Makeup Pictures

Get inspired by these fantasy peacock makeup pictures for your next big dress up event or Halloween party.

Whether you plan on donning a peacock suit for a masquerade costume or just want to add some drama to your evening look, these fantastical ideas offer plenty of solutions.

A pair of false eyelashes, bold gold and green eyeshadow hues, and a few well placed feathers may be all you need to create your own peacock look.

Sparlking Peacock Eyes

Add a few rhinestone decals above your eyebrow for a majestic and regal look that takes little skill.

Bold Colorful Eyes

If you opt for colorful and bold yellow and green shadows, keep the lips simple for a more subtle statement.

Create an Exciting Lip Color

Why choose red lips when you can turn heads with blue? Simply apply a vivid loose shadow to the lips with a bit of petroleum jelly to make your own unique shade.

Add Colorful False Eyelashes

Peacock inspired lashes are delightful. If you can find them, go ahead and flaunt them. If you're limited to traditional false lashes, apply colored mascara to the tips to create an array of color.

Opt for a Dramatic Mask

A colorful mask of color is a great alternative to traditional eye makeup looks. Make a statement with two bold blocks of color and add some mystery.

Get Inspired

There are plenty of ways to create a unique peacock face. If these fantasy peacock makeup pictures have you craving different looks, be sure to check out our Makeup Fantasy Looks slideshow for more dramatic illusions.

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Fantasy Peacock Makeup Pictures