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You may find that designing your own fairy eye makeup is as much fun as dressing the part.

About Fairy Makeup

As with other Halloween makeup ideas, fairy makeup is a fantastic way to transform yourself into another creature. One of the advantages of choosing a fairy character is that you have quite a bit of variety when designing a look. Your fairy may be a sprite-like, friendly forest dweller, or your fairy may be darker and more sinister. Your makeup should help reflect the type of character you portray to be most believable.

Color Choices

Besides your technique, the colors you choose go a long way toward a convincing fairy look. Try a combination of these shades when creating your fairy eye makeup:

  • Pink
  • Silver
  • Pale blue
  • Lavender
  • Light green
  • Yellow
  • Peach
  • Charcoal
  • Indigo
  • Violet

Fairy Eye Makeup Techniques

In addition to traditional makeup you normally use, you may also consider face paints and wet/dry shadows when creating your fairy face. Look for skinny cosmetic brushes that make detail work easier to create.

Light and Ethereal

If you're going for the "good fairy" look, try this eye makeup as the basis for your entire character:

  1. Prep the rest of your face, using translucent and light colors.
  2. Eyebrows may be your natural color or you may color them in with eye shadow to blend with the rest of your makeup.
  3. Apply the eye shadow color of your choice to your eyelids and bring it up to just beneath your brow bone.
  4. Use this same color, or a complementary one, on the lower lids as well, taking care to blend for a softer line.
  5. Add a sparkling, highlight color under your eyebrows.
  6. With pointed brushes, paint swirled designs at the outer corners of the eyes. A friend may have to help if you have difficulty doing this yourself. Other design ideas include leaves, flowers and butterflies. You can also bring these designs down the cheek or up toward the temple.
  7. Apply a few self-adhesive gems in random patterns at the eyes' inner or outer corners.

Instead of mascara, try false eyelashes which have a bit of sparkle on them, such as the Glitzy Sparkle lashes at Halloween Mart. Other eyelash options include pink, green, blue and rainbow versions, so you can easily find the perfect type to complement your fairy look.

Dark and Gothic

dark fairy

Maybe the fairy look you're after has darker intentions. If so, this fairy eye look should convey that very well:

  1. Color in sparse eyebrows if necessary with gray or black pencil and create a high arch.
  2. Line the upper and lower eyelids in charcoal, violet, indigo or black.
  3. Apply a dark eye shadow or create a high-contrast design with a pale shadow. Eye shadow should be applied to upper and lower lids; blend well for a smudged appearance.
  4. Add a deeper color to the eyelid crease, bringing it outward to the corners.
  5. Use a pointed makeup brush to add dark designs to the outer corners of the eyes, above the eyebrows and toward your temples. Design ideas include hearts (broken and whole), swirls and jagged patterns.
  6. As above, you may want to skip the mascara and apply dark false lashes instead.

A Tainted Fairy makeup kit will give you a great start toward creating a darker fairy face.

Getting Creative

Use photos as inspiration, but ultimately, for a truly unique look, your design should be your own. Sketch several creations on paper first, and then apply them one at a time. Take pictures of your various looks and compare them to see which you like best. This will also help you see what works well and what doesn't.

Once your look is complete, with added accessories and costume, you're ready to hit the scene as the fairy of your choice!

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