Face Powder

A powder compact makes touch ups easy.

Face powder is the finishing touch on a beautifully made up face. Make sure that you know how to shop for, apply, and wear powder for a beautiful and natural look!

Different Types of Face Powder

Loose Powder

The most popular of the face powders because of its natural look on the skin, loose powder is great for at home makeup application and can be applied with the provided powder puff or with a makeup brush. Many people enjoy using loose powder because of the porcelin effect it gives the skin, clinging loosely in a way that results in a flawless face.

Pressed Powder

Pressed powder is ideal for those who are always on the go. Unlike most loose powders, pressed powder is extremely portable and gives the skin a matte finish. It also usually contains a mirror inside of its compact, which is ideal for those with stubborn skin that demands touch ups often throughout the day.

Whether you choose loose or pressed really depends on your skin type and the look that you desire. If you are a natural girl who likes a gentle romantic finish, consider loose powder. If you are more active and sporty, the matte look of pressed powder may be ideal for you.

How To Apply

After you decide upon which face powder to purchase and you are ready to cover up those facial flaws, how do you apply it? The first step is to always make sure that you have a freshly washed face. Next, apply any foundation that you want to use as a base and blend thoroughly. Then begin to apply your powder.

Applying Loose Powder

Release a modest amount of the powder onto the top of the container by gently tipping it on its side. Then dip your powder puff or makeup brush into the face powder and tap it against the side of the container to remove any excess. Apply lightly all over your face, concentrating on your cheek and forehead areas. Use a gentle hand to make sure there isn't any clumping or over-powdering.

Applying Pressed Powder

The application process for pressed powder is the same as loose, only it is a bit easier and quicker. Just run your powder puff or sponge over the powder and apply to face. No special taps, tricks, or tilts necessary.

The Best Tools To Use

With all of this talk about makeup brushes and powder puffs, how do you know which one to use? Check out these makeup application options to figure out which is best for you.

Powder Puffs

You can purchase a powder puff in any size, shape, texture or color that you can dream up. Most pressed powders come with their own simple "puff" (though they are quite flat) that you can use effectively. If you are going for a loose face powder, try to look for a medium-textured puff. If the texture of the puff is too thin or fine, then the powder tends to streak. If the puff is too thick, you risk ruining your flawless face with little bits of fuzz and puff.

Makeup Brushes

A brush is handy to most because it allows you to apply less powder than a puff will, plus you can use it with both pressed and loose face powder. The smaller the brush, the more concentrated the powder on your face. So, go for a large and fluffy brush that not only allows for more liberal application, but also is more fun and glam to use!

What About Those Funky Colors?

When shopping for your face powder, you will often see amongst the different skintones green and purple powders as options. What are these for? Surely no one out there has a green or purple skintone!

Feeling A Little Green?

Green face powders, as odd as they may seem, are actually very beneficial for those who suffer from a red or ruddy complexion. If you tend to be a constant blusher without even trying, you may need something to tone down the redness and even out your skintone. The green face powders are designed for this.

Shy Violet

If your skin tends to be dull, sallow, or perhaps a little yellowish, the makeup companies have designed these purple powders for you. They are meant to be used to give your skin a healthy kick of color correction and bring your radiant glow back into the world's focus.

Do They Work?

While some people do experience an improvement with the green and purple powders, the result of the colored face powder hype tends to be more focused on taking your money than improving the appearance of your skin. Change is often notable, yet minimal. Always be a conscientious shopper and consider asking friends or family that have used these colored powders to discover their validity and a quality brand before purchasing.

Forever Flawless

With these tips along with some common knowledge and the advice of others, using face powder can enhance your appearance and help you achieve the flawless skin that you always longed for. While nobody's perfect, using high quality, naturally flattering makeup will certainly boost your look and your self-esteem.

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