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Face painting is not only a technique for Halloween and costumes, it has a range of possibilites. While kids enjoy face painting anytime of year, teens and adults can also partake in the fun. Use face paint as a subtle enhancement, to help you express your deepest feelings, or add some energy to a special event.

Creative Makeup Facial Art

Makeup is inherently face paint. From early times, both men and women have used makeup by painting their face for both beauty and cultural reasons. If you are simply dabbing on some lipstick and swishing on mascara each morning, day after day, you are missing out on some of the most captivating reasons for makeup. Makeup can be more than just about looking pretty. Let it be a representation of art, an opportunity for fun expression, or even an accessory to your outfit. Consider the following options for creative makeup and face painting.

Evening Looks

Add some additional pizzazz to your evening makeup.

  • Use a little glitter on your cheeks.
  • Play with your eyes; add some Cleopatra or cat eyeliner.
  • Use face painting to enhance your favorite features. This is particularly effective when an evening event offers some romantic dim lighting. Play up your eyebrows or enlarge your lip line.

Special Events

When dressing up for a special event consider the following face paint additions.

  • Paint a pretty rose as an accessory to your strapless evening gown, on your shoulder or upper arm.
  • Let paint be your jewelry. Use face painting techniques to add a choker necklace or even earrings.


Use a simple disguise for anytime intrigue.

  • Add a beauty mark, moles, or freckles with face paint.
  • Face painting can add facial hair or hide it.


Symbolize your beliefs with face painting.

  • Add a cross to your forehead at a special religious ceremony.
  • Paint a flag on your cheek for the Fourth of July.
  • Paint your sports team's colors or mascot on your face before the big game.

Express Emotions

There are times when you may want to the world to see your emotions clearly on your face.

  • Add a painted tear before attending a sad event.
  • Place a heart on your cheek or arm on Valentines Day.

Face Painting Techniques


Depending on your desires, you can use a variety of products for face painting techniques. Regular makeup, specialty face paint, or homemade versions are your best options. The most important consideration is to make sure whatever you use, it is not toxic for your skin or body.

Although it is called face painting, it can actually be done on any part of your body. A common technique is to use face paint as mock tattoos. Also to enhance or disguise a body feature, like using contouring to give the appearance of a larger bustline.

Getting Started

The important part of any makeup routine is supplies, comfort, and lighting. Always start your face painting process in a comfortable location, such as a vanity, bathroom, or even the kitchen table. Then make sure the lighting is adequate by being near a window or adding your own additional lighting. A good mirror is also a wise addition. Once you have the perfect spot identified. Set out all your supplies before you get started. In addition to the face paint and makeup, you will need to have clean up supplies as well. Makeup remover and tissues, face wipes, cotton balls, and swabs will ensure your look is clean and neat.


Use pictures for inspiration and specialized designs. Let your imagination run wild and spend some time playing with your ideas. Let the following pictures guide your own thoughts.

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