Face Makeup Review

Face Makeup Review

Cover Girl's Advanced Radiance foundation is a perfect product for a face makeup review. With cover girl model, Christie Brinkley, displaying her youthful aging skin, while wearing this age-defying liquid makeup, it was a sure makeup to put to the LoveToKnow test.

Cover Girl Advance Radiance Age-Defying Liquid Makeup

Based on Cover Girl's claims, this makeup is designed to take five years off your appearance. Well, if you are twenty, you may not want to look fifteen. Therefore, this makeup obviously targets a middle-aged customer. To look 35 again when you are turning 40 is an instant beauty perk.

This face makeup isn't just a cover up, but actually contains an Olay skin-renewing complex built-in. Cover Girl is so confident in their makeup's performance, they also offer a guarantee. If this foundation doesn't take five years off your appearance after three weeks, they will refund your money. With one look at 52 year old Christie, it may just be worth the effort to give it a try yourself.

Face Makeup Breakdown

Understanding the composition of your face makeup is an important first step before purchasing. Even though the Advanced Radiance foundation targets an older skin, it still offers the following based on their dermatological testing:

  • Will not block pores or cause breakouts
  • Formulated to benefit even sensitive skins
  • Oil-Free formula
  • SPF 10 Sunscreen


The second most important step to selecting a foundation is the color. To look its best, cover up must match your skin exactly. Cover Girl Advanced Radiance liquid makeup is sectioned into three color categories: warm, cool, and neutral. This provides fifteen shades in all. Although Cover Girl products are traditionally sold in drugstore environments, their website does offer a Colormatch quiz to help you narrow down your potential color options. Always save your receipt, in case the color ends up wrong once you get it home.

Face Makeup Review


The Advanced Radiance liquid makeup offers a unique pump style bottle. With a simple push, it squirts an appropriate amount of creamy liquid onto the tip of your finger. We found this feature to be quite a selling point as it created little mess or waste.


The texture of this Cover Girl face makeup was particularly creamy. Given the dual purpose of foundation and face cream, this made perfect sense. Upon first applying the face makeup, it seems to be heavier than it actually is because of this richer consistency.

Covering Ability

A medium coverage face makeup, the Advanced Radiance can be applied with a moist sponge for a velvety overall foundation. Due to the buttery texture, it also can be used as a concealer for both redness or as an under-the-eyes coverage with a heavier fingertip application. Still, it is not a flawless cover up as more severe discolorations were still visible.

Skin Appearance

As a makeup product for an older customer who wants to slightly hide their skin, the Advanced Radiance face makeup review showed us this evidence clearly. For those looking for a sheer cover, this is not the face makeup for you. Instead, it is a nice foundation for an aging skin, with wrinkles and extra dryness. The creamy texture and medium coverage cleaned up the overall appearance of the skin nicely. The face makeup also naturally reflected the light, almost making fine lines disappear - at least from a distance.

Face Makeup Review Conclusion

If you battle some dryness and wrinkles, this face makeup is a great product to try. Give it the three weeks and if you are not a converter, Cover Girl will give you your money back. How can you go wrong with that sort of guarantee?

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Face Makeup Review