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If you love eye shadow, Pro Palettes by MAC are a professional makeup artist's must-have!

About MAC Pro

MAC has long been a favorite amongst consumers and industry professionals alike since their humble launch in 1985. MAC (Make-up Art Cosmetics) was originally built to cater to the demands of industry artists specializing in film and stage work. Soon after their private consumer base began to spread word on their unique and hip cosmetic line, MAC became one of the most sought after professional cosmetic brands catering to the general public.

Estee Lauder purchased MAC cosmetics in 1994 and has continued their success by creating professional products that are fashion forward while serving both the industry and general retail market.

MAC Pro is a special entity of MAC Cosmetics that caters to professional artists. Estheticians, make-up artists, cosmetologists, hairdressers, photographers, fashion designers, and on-air performers are all invited to join after paying a nominal annual fee. MAC Pro member benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Product discounts
  • Advance sales
  • Professional support
  • Pro-only benefits
  • Access to professional-only cosmetics and tools

MAC Eye Shadow Pro Palettes

For those who love makeup for the pure artistry and want to apply and arrange eye shadows in a professional carrying system, a MAC Pro Palette case is one of the best investments.The slim line Pro Palette case is available in two sizes. You can choose a palette that houses just 4, or go super-sized with a palette that holds up to 15 refillable eye shadows. With its clean lines and compact size, the palette case is simplistic, portable and packable and makes cosmetic application a breeze by keeping all your color accessible.

Once you've purchased a Pro Palette case, you'll need to stock it full with some of MAC's highly pigmented ,industry favorite refill eye shadows. The shadow line is always current and on-trend, and you can expect to find beautiful washes of color that suit your fancy from a surplus of over 150 eye shadow colors.

If your artistry services are in demand, owning several Pro Palettes is a great way to travel on-site and lighten your load, all while keeping your supplies functional and professional.

Need some ideas for filling your custom palette? Get some inspiration with the following palette recommendations:

  • Go bold: Create a bold palette for party face makeup looks and stock it full with vibrant shades such as Electric Eel, Orange, Vibrant Grape and Bright Sunshine
  • Go neutral: Keep neutral shades together by filling your palette with beautiful shades such as Crystal Avalanche, Blanc Type, Vellum and Ground Brown
  • Go smoky: Everyone knows the key to creating a smoky look is to blend, blend, blend! Stock your palette with these shades for the perfect smoky eye application: Typographic, Knight Divine, Deep Truth, Nocturnelle, Plumage and Shadowy Lady
  • Wedding bells: If you're in demand with brides to be, create a wedding bell worthy palette with the following shades: Antiqued, Gleam, Sweet Lust, White Frost, Hush, and Sweet Brown

Where to Buy

Unlike MAC makeup that's available at high end department stores and free-standing MAC boutiques throughout the country, the MAC Pro line is only available for purchase through the MAC Pro program.

Once you've become an exclusive member, you can order online by signing in with your member name and password. MAC Pro purchases can also be made via the toll-free phone number exclusive to members.

Whether you are an industry professional who wants to get serious about application and portability, or are just an everyday makeup addict who wants a better solution for housing your refillable shadows, MAC's eye shadow Pro Palettes keeps your color accessible and organized in one sleek case! With vibrant shades at your fingertips, it's easy to create dramatic and professional eye makeup styles each and every time!


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