Eyeliner Product Review

Eyeliner Product Review

Max Factor sent along some samples of their MAXeye liner for our LoveToKnow testers' eyeliner product review. With two sample colors to try, we lined our eyes in Max Factor comfort for a week of simple eye makeup elegance.

MAXeye Liner

A most basic design in both eyeliner and brow color, this eye product is their dry pencil version. Held in a mechanical pencil, never needing to sharpen, the Max Factor liner is available in eight neutral colors.

Eyeliner Product Review

Our eyeliner product review incorporates the trial of two of the MAXeye liner colors, black and dollar signs. Dollar signs is a faded light brown and an ideal color for brows or liner under the eye. Black is the most basic color necessity in eyeliner.


You can't really go wrong with this MAXeye liner. The soft tip blends and colors delicately and deeply. As a dry liner, you can apply with a gentle hand for a soft look or layer stronger for a deep line.

It lasted most of the day with little smudging or fading, particular in the black color. A better product for day rather than night as the appearance is more natural than dramatic. It also was not as effective when used to create the popular smoky eye appearance as the color tended to blend away in the eye shadow.

Washing off easily with normal face washing, it is the ultimate in no hassle makeup. A simple approach to eye drama, it is an appropriate product for those after a more natural approach to their makeup appearance.

Eyeliner Product Review Conclusion

At an average price of around $6, this eyeliner can be found almost anywhere. For the price, it offers a level of elegance that is similar to more expensive alternatives. Although it is certainly a no frills concept, as an eyeliner it delivers what is most important - an even blended line.

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Eyeliner Product Review