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No beauty enhancer looks more like something used in medieval torture than an eyelash curler, but few devices are less painful to actually use. With a little care and practice, this handy tool can be one of your favorites.

Hows and Whys of Eyelash Curlers

Curling makes lashes appear longer and has the added desired effect of widening the eyes. If you don't want to apply mascara every day, using a curler is a quick way to achieve a similar effect without makeup. If you use a curler with mascara, the results can be dazzling!

The traditional eyelash curler is metal and looks similar to cooking tongs. They are also available in plastic. If your mother or grandmother told you horror stories about curling, be assured that curlers have come a long way. Even the metal ones are lighter and much easier to wield.

To use, gently place the curler over your eye and at the base of the lashes. Your lashes will rest between two sets of pads. Squeeze, being careful not to catch your skin. Hold briefly, then release. You may find it easier to go in sections, rather than curl all your lashes at once. Don't try curling your bottom lashes, as they are too short and you run the risk of pinching your lid.

The basics of using a curler are the same whether you use a plain or heated curler, which is discussed below. The main difference is that you must not apply mascara before using a non-heated curler, as this can damage your lashes.

Heated Curlers

As with blow-drying, heat can curl your lashes more effectively and keep them curled considerably longer, even all day. If you already have a plain eyelash curler and want to apply a little heat, you can do so by running your blow dryer over the curler for a few seconds. But don't forget how delicate the skin on your eyelid is. Be sure to test the curler on your wrist before using it on your eye!

If you're planning to curl every day and need the extra hold heat provides, consider buying a heated curler. That way, you know you're getting just the right amount of heat without any risk, provided you continue to exercise practical caution.

Finally, some heated curlers work best when you apply mascara first, as they use the wax to help achieve a lasting curl. It's best to check the back of the box and the instructions before you start curling.


A number of excellent eyelash curlers are on the market. Your favorite drugstore will sell them for as little as $5. If you opt for something a bit more professional, you still won't feel much pain in the wallet, as excellent curlers range from $10-35. Some well-liked brands include:

Every makeup artist likes a different brand for different reasons. To determine which you think will work for you, ask an esthetician or beauty professional you trust and see what they recommend. Upscale beauty shops should have samples available for you to handle.

Care and Maintenance

A well-made eyelash curler should last as long as you wish to keep using it. Many are strong enough to withstand being carried in a handbag all day. As with any beauty product, though, and especially one that goes near the eyes, a little extra care goes a long way.

The pads, which are most commonly made of silicone, must be changed at least every two months. This is not only for hygienic reasons, but a worn pad can damage your eyelashes. Be your own best judge if you're using the curler regularly and inspect the pads before each use.

It's best to store your eyelash curler in a closed container to keep it clean, but a quick wash or wipe before use is still a good idea.


If you've never curled before, you may be astonished at how fantastic you look! Don't be afraid to flutter those lovely lashes all day...and night!

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