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Classic Sexy Eye Makeup


Eye makeup pictures can provide ideas for gorgeous eyes. Armed with a collection of different looks, women can enhance their eyes for any occasion. This slideshow shows ten of the most popular and versatile makeup looks to see you through whatever the situation calls for.

A classic sexy eye makeup look perfect for evening events is the smoky eye. For an elegant version, apply a black or dark grey eye shadow to the top lid and blend slightly up and outward. Use a lighter grey for a highlight shade above the darker shadow. Then apply black kohl eye liner to the top and bottom lids, smudging under the lower lash line lightly to keep it slightly defined. Finish with two coats of black mascara.

Romantic Shimmer


Alluring eyes don't have to be dark and smoky. Achieve a romantic but attention-getting look by using an eye shadow with a slightly shimmery finish. First apply a lighter base eye shadow; then apply a medium shimmer eye shadow color in the crease and under the low lid (about halfway in). Sweep the shadow up and outward at the corner of the eye and blend. Then apply a coordinating eyeliner in a similar but slightly darker shade on the top lid in a medium thick line. Finish with a lengthening mascara.

Combine Light and Dark


Adding a shimmering highlight to a smoky look can make for an ultra-seductive eye makeup style. Add just a touch of silver, white or icy metallic blue to the inside corners of the eyes for a look with compelling contrast.

Perfect Contours


A mix of dark and light makes these eyes picture perfect.

Deeper shadows in the creases and at the outer corners of the lids create an air of intrigue.

Easy Professional Eyes


To get a simple professional eye makeup look, start with a neutral eye shadow in a medium shade. Apply the shadow to the top lid slightly past the crease and blend well. Use eye pencil to create a very thin line of eyeliner across the lid in medium or dark brown. Apply a light line of eyeliner under the lower lid and then blend it lightly with your finger or brush to keep the line natural. Finish with a basic mascara (skip the dramatic formulas for work).

Soft and Pretty


Colored eye makeup is a popular trend, and it's easy to take this look from the runway to real life when you use soft shades.

Choose two soft colors of cream eye shadow, one in a more noticeable color (like soft aqua or teal) and one in more natural hue (like pale yellow or peach). Apply the blue color under the eye and on the top lid, stopping just above the crease. Apply the other color on the inner corner of the eye and blend. Apply mascara to the top lashes only to keep this look soft.

Frosty Eyes


Want to keep your look on the lighter side? Pale gold and metallic eye shadow complement this sexy look especially well.

Practice your most alluring gaze if seduction is your aim.

Simple Dramatic Eyes


If you want to add more drama to a colored makeup look, use an eye shadow in a medium to dark shade.

Purple shades are flattering for many eye colors, and they look less harsh than black or dark grey for a dramatic eye. Apply the shadow in the crease and outer corner of the eye to create a "v." Use a medium color on the inner part of the lid. Apply a pink or lavendar shade under the browbone, and blend well. Apply liquid eyeliner in plum, navy, or slate on the top lid, and just under the edge of the lower eye. Complete the look with a volumizing mascara.

The Doe-Eyed Effect


Is anything more beautiful than big brown eyes that are enhanced even further with a flattering shade of eyeliner and eyeshadow?

See the way a bare lip enhances the look of the eye. Don't be afraid to let the eyes speak for you.

Retro Eyeliner


Retro eyeliner is classic, yet it can look fresh and modern. For a clean, easy retro look, sweep black or dark brown liquid eyelienr across the top lid, creating a thicker line at the outer corner of the eye. Flick the eyeliner up slightly to create the 'cat eye' effect.

Fresh and Youthful


For eyes that look wide-awke and fresh, skip heavy makeup under the eyes. Instead use a taupe color eye shadow in the crease, and a cream shadow that is close to your skintone above the brow bone and under the eye. Apply liner on the top lids only and focus mascara on the top lashes to make eyes appear more open.

Dark and Sultry Eyes


Ramp up the intensity with bold, dark eyes framed by shiny, feminine hair. Seductive eyes, rimmed with dark liner and shadowed with sultry gray peek out from behind the hair's movement.

Strong Brows Emphasize Eyes


Don't let a strong brow keep you away from having a bold eye look.

In fact, beautiful women, like Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor, were known for their intense eyes and strong brow. The trick is to keep the brow groomed and neat.

Playful and Fun


Parties and informal events are great places to exeperiment with fun makeup styles. Apply a bright eye shadow on the top lid (pigments will hold color better than standard shadow). For a playful look, use a creative shape and skip blending. Black mascara will add an extra pop.

All-Occasion Eye Makeup


Neutral eye shadow, simple eyeliner, and long lashes work for almost any occasion. To take standard eye makeup look like this from day to evening, thicken the eyeliner on the top lid and add two coats of dramatic mascara.

A Light Touch


Sexy eye makeup doesn't always call for deep colors.

This look employs lighter shades like pearl and rose, but is still attention-getting with a sharp cat's eye line on the upper lids.

Soft and Smoky


If you want to draw attention to your eyes without going too dark, consider a trendy smoky eye look in brown with a slight shimmer. A dark gold or copper eyeliner works beautifully with brown eye shadow for a look that's at once soft yet dramatic.

From fresh and simple to trendy and smoky, eye makeup pictures can help create a whole new arsenal of looks to keep you gorgeous for every situation.

Add Sparkle and Glow


With bold eye looks, there's no room to be a wallflower.

You can enhance your eyes with sparkle and bling framing your face. The combination of simple long lashes and adhesive gems make the eyes pop!

While not practical for everyday use, imagine the stir you'll create, employing this tactic, and your next party. It's time to shine on!

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