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Evening makeup usually differs from daytime makeup in depth and color. While too many dark colors can be harsh for day, these deeper shades work well for nighttime.

The smoky eye look, seen here, is very popular for night, but you have many other options when it comes to evening makeup.

The eyes are the focus here, with only the palest lip color defining the mouth.

Cat Eye Makeup


Bold and dramatic, this cat eye makeup look is perfect for after-five. Deep neutral tones contour the eyelids, but don't compete with the thick black eyeliner.

Light pink on the cheeks and lips makes sure these eyes stand out.



A mix of charcoal and silver eye shadow creates a deep and sultry look, while glossy peach lip color enhances the lips.

Too much gloss can look out of place in daylight, but it's perfect for making your lips shine in the evening.

Bold Lips


The focus doesn't always have to be the eyes. This look is all about bold red lips.

A generous application of mascara or false lashes still makes these eyes beautiful, but it's the lips calling for attention here.

Another Kind of Smoky


Smoky eyes can be created with colors besides black and gray. Deep blue and metallic pearl make these eyes sultry, but not too dark.

Light lips finish the look off well.

Sexy Evening Makeup


The eyes and lips are both heavily made up, but complementary colors keep this look from being too much.

Excellent contouring with an eye shadow brush creates deep, smoldering eyes, while touches of metallic shadow lighten them up a bit.

Even with eyes this sultry, this look is all about those well-defined, glossy red lips.

Cool Makeup


Women with fair hair and skin can get a great makeup look for evening without choosing very dark colors.

This model's coloring works best with cool colors such as pink and purple. Medium purple and pearl eye shadows define the eyes, while lips are detailed in a bright pink.

High Cheekbones


Coral blush helps to make these incredible cheekbones stand out even more.

Dark taupe surrounds the eyes and peachy-red lipstick perfects this model's pout, making this a great evening makeup look.

For more evening-worthy makeup, this smoky eye makeup slideshow should provide plenty of inspiration!

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Evening Makeup