Eva Longoria Favorite Face Makeup Color

The alluring Eva Longoria.

As a prominent actress well known for her beauty, it's no wonder women are seeking out an Eva Longoria favorite face makeup color for their own cosmetics collection.

The Beauty and Allure of Eva

Ever since Eva Longoria hit the TV screens of countless American homes with her leading role on "Desperate Housewives", women have been both admiring and envying her gorgeous hair and flawless skin. Additionally, as a key player in various cosmetics campaigns including L'Oreal, women in America have been able to draw inspiration and discover cosmetics that determine an Eva Longoria favorite face makeup color - and how to use it to enhance their own personal beauty.

One of the things that make Eva so glamorous is her ability to look youthful and vibrant in front of the endless media attention she receives. She is the only Desperate Housewives star under the age of 40, so perspective is obviously on her side, however, she also takes care to flaunt her positive traits while drawing attention away from the negative ones.

She rarely overdoes her hair and makeup, and knows that the secret to a younger feel is to not pile on the cosmetics. For this reason, she is selective in what she uses and sticks to natural looking products as well as a hint of fun shimmer. She is a fan of Laura Mercier foundation, and also wears Girlactik gold shimmer cream for her cheeks.

Eva Longoria Favorite Face Makeup Color Explained

So what is Eva's favorite face makeup? As a Mexican-American, she more than likely uses a variety of products designed for those with a gorgeous, medium-toned complexion. One great Eva find is the Radiance Boost Illuminating Swirl by Couleurs Nature.

This cream is a freshly whipped liquisolid with a blend of beige and pink tones that will soften and even out skin. You will observe minor imperfections vanishing after application, leaving you with an overall balanced and even base in which to apply the rest of your makeup.

The price for this foundation powder is extremely reasonable, and you will achieve the envied glow Eva enjoys every day.

To add more color to the face, Eva accentuates her eyes with a smoky combination of liner and shadows. Stila's smoky eye pallete is a great way to get a similar look without breaking the bank.

With four separate colors, you can add allure and drama to your eyes, and as a bonus the palette actually coaches you through your application. A makeup artist for Stila is recorded right into your makeup case, giving you the tips and advice you need to make your eyes Eva fabulous on the first try every time!

Staying Faithful


As a spokesmodel for L'Oreal, Eva often stays faithful to the cosmetics line (which also owns Maybelline). She was the inspiration behind the lip color named "Eva Caramel", and you can see her wearing it in commercials and various print ads. This follows suit with the bronzed shades often found on Eva when she is made up for the cameras. To get Eva's L'oreal look, check out their Maybelline Superstay Silky foundation in a medium to dark shade that matches your skin tone. Apply a thin layer down to your neckline and blend in with a concealer if necessary.

A layer of powder will set the foundation and should be a shade similar to what you have already applied. Eva is known for using shimmer and bronzers if you feel confident enough to add these. It will add dimension and contour to your face, and your cheekbones will look more defined. Add to the apples of your cheeks and your forehead for the ultimate glowing radiance.

Eva uses eye shadow in various shades of brown, purple and dark green. Start with a thin layer and work your way up to achieve your smoky look. Your base shadow should be two shades darker than your shimmering shadow, and you can finish it off with a thick, black mascara to make your eyes "pop" like Eva's.

All of these various forms of face makeup color contribute to Eva's glamorous look. Not convinced? Unfortunately the tabloids in recent months have captured her without her makeup artist's mastery, and while she is still no doubt beautiful, it leaves a little room for hope for the rest of us everyday folk. Makeup in the proper color family for our skin tone makes a world of difference and adds a specialness to every woman, whether your life calls for regular appearances on primetime TV or not.

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Eva Longoria Favorite Face Makeup Color