Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume Review

For a sexy summer scent, spritz on Bronze Goddess.

I'm not sure what first drew me to seek out Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume. Perhaps the fact that the coveted scent is almost entirely sold out at retailers nationwide had me pondering what I was missing out on. Never a gal to miss a good thing, I went on a humble search to find this coconut scented limited edition Eau Fraiche Skinscent.

Who doesn't want to morph into a bronze goddess as summer rolls around? Whether you tan, faux tan, or avoid the sun like the plaque, summertime calls for free spirited and relaxed adventures, and this is certainly the time to lighten up your fragrance wardrobe.

The search began for Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume. Luckily, I was able to track down a bottle at my local department store. Hoping to score a free perfume sample, I hit the Estee Lauder counter.

My Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Pefume Review

They say that first impressions are the most important, so let me first elaborate on the presentation of Estee Lauder's seasonal Bronze Goddess collection. Packed with bronze nail polish, bronzing powder and numerous sun kissed lip glosses, the Bronze Goddess collection in itself is typical for seasonal cosmetics. Nothing fancy, and certainly not eye catching.

In fact, the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess fragrance bottle left a little to be desired. I expected a sexy shape, or a sizzling form, instead I found a rather boxy glass bottle with a circular bulls eye symbol gracing the front. Next, let me disclaim that I do not enjoy the fresh baked scent of tanning beds or tropical sunsets. Although I love all things about summer, smelling like a tropical vacation has never made my list of fragrance fantasies. Prejudice aside, I spritz Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess complex fragrance on my wrists and neckline. Suddenly, I am transported to a faraway place where the sun shines warmly on my back and the waves break swiftly on the shore.

I smell the coconut, bergamot, amber, mandarin orange, Tahitian gardenia, vanilla and sandalwood that concoct this pleasurable scent, but mostly I feel fresh and sultry. I knew I'd have my troubles parting from this scent without making a purchase, but it's always best to try out a scent before making the final splurge. I check out the inventory and Bronze Goddess is down to just two bottles.

Summer Lingers

As I go about my day, the scent of Bronze Goddess lingers. The heavy coconut layer dissipates in a matter of minutes, so the rest of my day was spent exploring the unique combination of orange, amber and sandalwood warmed with vanilla.

I refuse my evening bath, as I need my husband to smell the scent and share his opinion. Of course, when he smells this exotic fragrance, he slowly whiffs in the scent, steps back, and then comes back in for another take. Instantly, he's a fan; exclaiming this is possibly the best fragrance he's smelled in a long time. Clean, sexy, warm and sultry, this Estee Lauder seasonal perfume envelopes all of you in a musky and sweet delicate layer, delicious, exotic and enticing at the same time.

The days of summer may not last forever, but there are certain sights, sounds and smells that can leave us with lingering memories of warm days and long nights. Bronze Goddess is quintessentially the perfect blend of everything good about summer. I went back to the department store the very next day and purchased my very own bottle. Who could blame me? When the sun heats up, I'll be shining like a Bronze Goddess. As the seasons change and the chill of autumn's breeze knocks on my door, I will slowly drift away back to a warm place, where exotic gardenia drifts through the air, and summer lies eternal.

Get it before it's gone!


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Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Perfume Review