Estee Lauder Blush All Day

Give a off a healthy glow.

With the focus on natural, fresh beauty during the warmer months, there's no better time to invest in Estee Lauder Blush All Day.

About Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder is an innovative company that continues to grow, while remaining true to its roots. The products that made the brand famous, including the beloved Youth Dew fragrance, are still best-sellers, but today they're joined by a wealth of elegant beauty treats for the hair, skin, body and face. It's no wonder the company continues to be a force in the industry!

The Perfect Flush

There are several types of blushes. There's the one that looks forever-flattering on any skin tone after a long, satisfying run. Then there's the one that unpleasantly creeps up as you accidentally make a fool of yourself in front of a room full of people. The difference? One is natural and desirable - the other, not so much.

Even if you don't have time to go around jogging your way to a perfectly natural blush every day, you can still achieve the look with much less work. Thanks to a variety of powder, cream and gel blushes, gorgeous glows are practically instantaneous. These products don't just perk up your look! They also act as a quick fix when you're in a rush on those busy mornings. When there's just no time to do a full face(or even half a face!), a swirl of color on your cheekbones, temples, bridge of the nose and chin can transform tired into terrific.

The Estee Lauder Blush Collection

As some of the company's most popular products, Estee Lauder's blushes are offered in a variety of formulations to suit different purposes. They include:

  • Tender Blush Sheer Stick: This stick blush goes on creamy before blending to a powder finish. Perfect for achieving a summery glow, Tender Blush is available in eight shades.
  • Tender Blush: Play up your cheekbones with this versatile powder blush. Tender Blush is available in 12 colors, ranging from neutral tones to bright berries.
  • 'BlushLights: Creamy and light, BlushLights are ideal for sculpting the cheekbones and creating a lovely contoured look. Cream formulas are also ideal for dry skin types.

Available in four shades, the colors range from warm honey to pale pink.

  • Blush All Day: The desire for long-lasting color is something we can all relate to. There's nothing better than a flush that lasts the day! Blush All Day is a powder formula available in four natural shades.

The Look of Estee Lauder Blush All Day


For longtime fans of this classic blush, it came as a disappointment when it was discontinued to make way for Tender Blush. Many of the Blush All Day shades have been recreated with new names under the Tender Blush name. However, the company still offers four shades of the product on its Web site, and many discontinued shades of Blush All Day can be found on eBay.

With that in mind, you might be interested in learning more about why this product is in such demand. It's simple: taking control of your cheek color is easy with the versatile and flattering Blush All Day.

A smooth, velvety formula makes it a stellar choice for all skin types, and the color brushes on effortlessly. Build it up for more pronounced color, or lightly dust it on for a low-key, soft glow. Whichever look you choose, it will be easy to achieve with this blush.

Estee Lauder Blush All Day is available online in the following colors:

  • Desert: The ultimate choice if you wish to achieve a fake sunlit glow, this blush is also great if you can't pull off traditional bronzers without looking muddy or dirty. Touched with a hint of rose, the color is warm and fresh, perfect for wearing on a warm day. It's been replaced by Tender Blush True Sand.
  • Mocha Rose: An old favorite, Mocha Rose has spawned millions of fans worldwide. That's no surprise, due to its natural, dusty rose finish, crossed with just a hint of light brown. The shade is natural and complements almost all skin tones. It's known as Rosewood in the Tender Blush line.
  • Pink Sand: This neutral pink shade adds a pop of color to pale skin and keeps you looking fresh and vibrant all day long.
  • Plum: A bit darker than the other shades in the lineup, it's a cross between pink and plum. This is an ideal blush to wear during fall and winter!

Where to Purchase

Find Blush All Day online at the following locations:

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