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Esca makeup accessories are fun, lavish and functional products designed to make your daily regimen just a little bit easier. With their feminine designs and unique styles, they also add beauty and femininity to your vanity.

Your Out-of-Control Product Collection

If you're anything like the average female consumer, you likely have a penchant for all things beauty-related. Your drawers could be overflowing with lipsticks. Maybe the top of your dresser is littered with enough tubes, pots and compacts to make over an entire slew of models at Fashion Week.

You're no stranger to makeup bags, either - they're currently piled on your vanity and filled to capacity, so much so that digging through them to locate that prized gloss you adore so much just doesn't seem worth it.

Welcome to the world of cosmetic addiction. Of course, even those individuals who limit themselves to just a few select pieces - the basics, essentially - aren't immune to the charms of seasonal color collections and innovative product inventions. Over time, anyone has the ability to develop a rather large and out-of-control collection.

There's a solution to this, though. While it's not the key to keeping your collection from growing any larger, it's definitely a way to keep your products under control, all in one place and free from dust and mess. Beauty accessory company Esca specializes in products that are absolute must-haves for anyone who can't keep her collection under control.

The Esca Makeup Accessories Line


As important as a great selection of color cosmetics might be, it means very little if you can't actually find what you're looking for. The solution is a storage case that easily accommodates everything from the slimmest tubes of lip gloss to eye shadow palettes the size of license plates. Esca's line includes several different storage systems, called train cases, as well as the following accessories:

  • Lighted Makeup Mirrors
  • Magnifying Vanity Mirrors
  • Folding Travel Mirrors
  • Wall Mounted Mirrors
  • Compact Mirrors
  • Floor Mirrors
  • Wet-to-Dry Bikini Shapers and Trimmers
  • Facial Hair Groomers and Eyebrow Shapers
  • Nose Hair Trimmers

Train Cases

If you're in dire need of an organization system, consider one of Esca's many varieties. With so many features, sizes and styles available, there is undoubtedly one available to suit your specific needs. Train case varieties include:

  • High Maintenance: This elegant red box features six fabric-lined tiered compartments and a spacious bottom storage well. This is ideal for the woman who wants something that is both functional and stylish.
  • Manic About Makeup: Though it looks deceptively small, this aptly-named case is ideal for anyone who collects makeup regularly. It features four fabric-lined tiered compartments. If your collection is relatively large, you may wish to opt for something larger.
  • Classic Pro Choice: Consider this the mother of all train cases. Makeup artists, year-round travelers or makeup fanatics will all appreciate the space and convenience this wheeled case offers. The interior features three large drawers, four small drawers, a deep storage well, a net pocket, makeup brush holders and a mirror.


Mirrors are an obvious necessity for makeup application. Esca's selection includes:

  • 5X Lighted Travel Mirror: If you hit the road often, you'll appreciate this portable, compact mirror. Though it's small, it doesn't lack any of the features found in a larger mirror. Both lighted and magnified at 5X, the mirror is lightweight and durable.
  • 1X/2X Vanity Cosmetic Mirror: A basic tabletop mirror is an essential, especially for anyone who practices very precise makeup application. Eyeliner application, in particular, is much simpler when done in front of a magnified mirror at close range.
  • 1X/5X Wall Mounted Mirror: Wall mounted mirrors tilt easily, fold flush against the wall and generally are convenient for anyone wishing to keep their counter space free of clutter. This style features a magnified view on one side and a regular view on the other.

Hair Removers

Removing excess hair is no picnic, but it doesn't have to be difficult, either. Consider one of these tools from the Esca makeup accessories collection:

  • Cosmetic Groomer and Eyebrow Shaper: That pesky facial hair doesn't stand a chance against this powerful (yet gentle) remover. Its slim shape makes it sleek and convenient, while its quiet motor and painless blade make removal a snap. An eyebrow trimming guide and cleaning brush are included.
  • Lady's Nose Hair Trimmer: This gentle trimmer is ideal for even the most sensitive skin. The safety cutting head gently trims nose and ear hair without pinching or pulling. A cleaning brush is included.
  • Wet-to-Dry Bikini Shaper and Trimmer: Get bikini-ready with this angled trimmer. A modern alternative to painful waxes and harsh chemicals, the trimmer promises a close shave and a decrease in the occurrence of razor bumps and irritation.
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