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Creating emo faces with makeup takes just a bit of creativity and an open mind. The following ideas for emo faces will inspire you to think outside the box and create a look that is unique.

About Emo Style

Emo style is short for "emotional." Guys and gals working this creative expression of individual style and emotion tend to break a lot of fashion and beauty rules, this look is truly subject to your own interpretation. When paired with an artistic edge, emo style is very unique, hip and urban.

Types of Emo Faces

There are many different makeup styles for those seeking to try their hands at an emo look. Once you've nailed the emo fashion and have visited your stylist for a unique emo cut, it's time to put the icing on the cake with some fresh and funky makeup ideas. The following emo looks can be sported interchangeably or used regularly as your signature emo style. Golden rule: get creative and have fun!

Dark and Mysterious

Gothic makeup style sets the beat for this dark and mysterious emo palette. If you want a look that is sexy and mysterious that doesn't look as though you've raided the discount Halloween vampire makeup bin at your local drugstore, stick to these recommendations:

  • Translucent face powder: A translucent powder will soften your skin tone while looking as natural as possible. The idea is to lighten and pale the skin, not create a white face; a translucent powder will do just this.
  • Liquid eyeliner: A liquid eyeliner is a must have for any dark goddess. Apply on upper eyelids in a cat eye fashion.
  • Blood red lipstick: Time to sport a bloody pout. Sephora concocts the perfect shiny shade of blood red with their Rouge Cream Lipstick in either Classic Bright Red or We Have to Talk.

Rainbow Bright

Contrary to popular belief, the emo world is not made up of dark and drab rebels. Plenty of emo dressers prefer rave like colorful apparel and cosmetics. Rainbow shadows and pink wigs are perfect for the emo gal who wants to have a little bit of playful fun.

Show the world your colorful side with the following makeup ideas:

  • Wigs: Wigs are a necessity for this club kid look. Flaunt blue, pink or purple hair for an edgy style.
  • Neon nail polish: Brighten up your digits with a neon nail polish.
  • Bright eye shadow: Colorful eye shadows are a must have for this wild child. MAC Cosmetics makes the best bright shades for this look.

Alternatively, check out our articles on fantasy eye makeup and extreme eye makeup for more wild inspirations.

Rock and Roll Emo

For those seeking an edgy look that is a little bit party face and a whole lot rock and roll, then look no further than the famous tattoo artist Kat Von D's makeup line available exclusively at Sephora. Here's how to pucker up those ferocious lips and sport a punked up pout:

  • Red lipstick: Pin ups and bad girls alike can appreciate the perfect red lipstick. Try MAC Cosmetics Russian Red.
  • Blue eye shadow: Blue eye shadow is totally rocker hot, be forewarned this look is best reserved for evening.
  • Black eyeliner: Make Joan Jett proud and line the upper and lower lids with smoky eyeliner.
  • Black mascara: Layer on the black mascara and get ready to rock.

Accessorize Your Look

There are plenty of accessorizes to complete your emo face palette. Bindis, henna art, piercings and temporary tattoos can help create your individual style.

Delving into the emo world is a creative process that is always changing. Keep your look from going drab by staying on top of unique accessory pieces while throwing a dash of fashion trend into your mix to keep your emo style hip and modern.

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