Emeraude Perfume for Women by Coty


Emeraude perfume for women by Coty was a popular discount fragrance launched in 1921. Although the discontinued scent is no longer in production, its mere availability on the market proves this scent has some staying power amongst women who appreciate a classic yet refined oriental scent.

About Coty Fragrances

Coty has long been the industry leader for the production of moderately priced, yet beautifully mixed fragrances. Serving as the largest fragrance and cosmetic manufacturer in the world, Coty Inc. began from one man's dream to produce a fragrance from simplistic concentrated flower oils. In 1908, Francois Spoturno created his first perfume named La Rose Jacqueminot, in honor of his mother. Eventually Francois turned enough profit to open his very own factory in Paris. Soon thereafter, Sporturno created one of Coty cosmetics' most famous cosmetic items; a boxed facial powder with a soft powder puff.

After suffering through hard economic times during the Great Depression, Coty Inc. was eventually sold to Pfizer and Co. in 1964. Keeping its' trademark name, Coty continued to grow under the new ownership and eventually became the largest perfume production company that it is today.

About Emeraude Perfume for Women by Coty

Emeraude perfume for women by Coty is a heavy yet sophisticated evening scent. The heady fragrance opens up with a pleasing blend of jasmine and orange, followed by a refreshing burst of citrus florals. What makes Emeraude so distinct is the warming blend of sandalwood and spice that offer closure to the fragrance.

While there is an abundance of spicy oriental scents available on the market, reintroducing yourself to a cult and feminine classic is a great way to stay unique while building an eclectic fragrance wardrobe. Since Emeraude is a discontinued scent, rather than tracking down the original, you may have better luck finding a substitute for the original scent simply by sniffing out fragrances with similar top and base notes. Any warm and spicy oriental is likely to appeal to you if you enjoy the deep and rich notes found in Emeraude. You may also enjoy a citrus floral as long as it is heavy and masculine rather than clean and light.

Many women who fell for Emeraude by Coty have also enjoyed the following classic scents which are more widely available on the retail market:

  • Shalimar by Guerlain
  • Chantilly by Coty
  • Une Fleur de Cassie

In addition to testing out perfume blends, you may want to experiment with a variety of fragrance oils that capture the spicy essence of Emeraude. Patchouli and sandalwood are both easy to wear, earthen scents that are rich and warming. Not only are fragrance oils more affordable that concentrated sprays, oils tend to absorb into the skin better, making them a more favorable choice for extended wear with minimal reapplication throughout the day.

Where to Buy

Although this spicy and classic scent is no longer in production, when only the original will do, you can track down availability on the Internet. Not only is Emeraude available in a timeless Eau De Parfum spray, shower gels and layering products help compose hard-to-find gift sets that are perfect for the collector. The following Internet and mass-market retailers have sold Emeraude despite its' discontinued manufacturing status. If you'd like to sample this classic fragrance, go ahead and splurge on a bottle! Chances are if you love spicy and warm floral scents, you'll become yet another fan of Emeraude perfume for women by Coty.

Please keep in mind availability and merchants of discontinued fragrances are subject to change.

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Emeraude Perfume for Women by Coty