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Ecco Bella makeup equals socially conscious, and environmentally sound cosmetics. If you want your makeup to do more than just make you look pretty, this may be your brand. It's good for the environment and better for your overall health than chemical-laden choices.

Social Consciousness Meets Beauty

Ecco Bella makeup is quite different from the average makeup brands you'll usually find in department store aisles. This cosmetics line puts its principles where its product are, bringing you a completely natural beauty line that is not only good for you, but good for the Earth as well.

Environmentally Conscious

Most commercial cosmetics are mainly derived from a cocktail of petrochemical formulas which can be harsh on your skin. Mineral oils, and propylene glycol tend to clog your pores instead of delivering the moisturization they promise, and alcohol can dry out your skin, leaving it red and irritated. Ecco Bella never uses these petroleum by-products, so it does not contribute to the environmental problems that are sometimes caused by the oil industry.

The Ecco Bella makeup line is created by using only the finest grade botanicals to create foundations and colors that leave you looking naturally beautiful.

The beneficial affects of Aloe Vera on you skin have been well documented, and so Aloe is a mainstay of the Ecco Bella line, and any other oils used must certified organic and pure to be included in the formulas.

Natural minerals are also used, providing a foundation base that won't melt with humidity, but instead actually forms a protective barrier against harmful UV rays. Ultimately, the real beauty secret behind this natural cosmetics line is the use of flower wax. Have you ever noticed how rain and dew always tends to "pill" on flower petals instead of saturating them? That is because each petal is coated in a layer of thin, delicate wax that forms a protective barrier over the flower. Without it, the blooms would quickly mildew and wilt. Flower wax is good for your skin too, creating a layer of protection that keeps your natural moisture from bleeding through your makeup, so you look fresh longer.

Socially Conscious

Ecco Bella makeup believes in being socially conscious as well. Their cosmetics are vegan, which means absolutely no animal by-products are used in their formulas. Animal lovers will be gratified to know that no animal testing is performed during the manufacture of this makeup either, so you can rest assured that your beauty does not cause another living creature's pain.

Recycling and The Environment

The company is currently running a recycling program that will ultimately benefit school children. Ecco Bella will take five of your old lipstick tubes, and give you a free tube of their own fabulous lip color. Then, the old lipstick tubes will be recycled into basketball back boards that will be donated to schools across the country.

Available Products


Whether you're a minimalist when it comes to putting on your makeup or you like to have foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer, and pops of strategically placed shimmer, Ecco Bella has you covered. The liquid foundation contains SPF 15, organic herbs, aloe vera, and vitamin E. If you want powder on top or just want to wear powder alone, you can add the talc-free FlowerColor Face Powder. It has green tea extracts, vitamin E, aloe vera, and flower waxes.

For color, you can add one of two colors of bronzer or one of several colors of the FlowerColor Blush. These powder products have similar ingredients to the face powder, like green tea extract. The bronzer contains vitamin E and aloe vera extract. There are four shimmer dust powders to choose from as well.


When it comes to eye makeup, you can purchase powder shadow, powder liner, liner pencils, and mascara within the Ecco Bella line. The shadows are available as refills and come in a variety of neutral shades. They're made with flower wax so that they'll stay in place throughout the day. The ingredients list for the powder liners is very similar to that of the eyeshadows, containing mica, green tea extract, and aloe vera extract. The colors are darker overall, of course, and there are fewer to choose from. More vibrant colors are available in pencil form. The Soft Eyeliner Pencil is made from vegetable oils, not synthetic petroleum.

The brand's mascara formula isavailable in brown or black and comes with its own mirror. The formula is water resistant.


Ecco Bella has lipstick, lip gloss, lip liners, and even lip crayons that promise to last for hours. There's a lipstick shade to work for any skin tone in the FlowerColor Lipstick selection. It's made from castor oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, flower wax coated iron oxides, and other ingredients that work to soften your lips. Several of the shades are vegan. Lip Smoothers come in a similar tube but offer a smaller color selection and each shade only offers a hint of color. You can use them in conjunction with your other lipstick or alone, but these are mostly designed to condition your lips. To top off your lip look, you can choose a Good for You Gloss, available in four shades, to get a shiny look and vanilla flavor. The gloss also comes with its own mirror.

The Long Lasting Lip Crayon is available in seven shades and works as a liner, lipstick, and lip treatment in one. Several shades are vegan.

Tips for Choosing Your Products

If you've ever tried to purchase makeup that didn't pull too far yellow or pink on your skin tone, you will probably love that the foundation from Ecco Bella is as neutral as possible, with no shades that contain strong pink or yellow tints.

If you're purchasing an eyeshadow, blush, or shimmer powder, you can buy the Paperback Duo Compact and a refill. Two products will fit in the reusable compact.

Be sure to check the ingredients list, which are conveniently listed with each product. Descriptions will list which products and colors are vegan, which ones contain carmine, and which ones contain other ingredients that some customers may not wish to have in their cosmetics.

Product Reviews

  • Though each product has reviews on the Ecco Bella website, you may wish to go outside the site for additional opinions as well. One of the most comprehensive sites to search for cosmetics reviews of any kind is Makeup Alley. You'll need to sign up for a free account in order to read the product reviews or view images, though. Overall, the reviews for Ecco Bella products are positive.
  • also has product reviews for specific Ecco Bella products.
  • is also another valuable resource. You can hear reviews about specific products and see them swatched or applied. In addition to the review in the video, you may be able to glean more information about a product's performance by reading other viewers' responses in the comments.
  • Mother Nature, which also sells the Ecco Bella products, has customer reviews as well.

Beneficial for All

Ecco Bella makeup offers you a chance to use high quality cosmetics that don't harm your skin or the environment, and the fact that they are also cruelty-free is an added bonus. If you feel strongly about the Earth and its inhabitants, these cosmetics give you the opportunity to put your convictions into daily practice. They help you look beautiful easily and naturally with their collection of environmentally-friendly products,

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