Ebony Green Eyes

Copper shadow and black liner create sexy eyes.

For women with dark complexions, sometimes referred to as ebony, green eyes offer a gorgeous contrast. Find out how to play up green eyes with makeup to enhance your dark beauty look even more.

Eye Makeup for Dark Skin and Green Eyes

Green ebony eyes are a striking combination, and adding a bit of emphasis with cosmetics can make eyes look even more beautiful. Although there are some colors that are suggested as working well with dark and African American skin tones, keep in mind your color palette will depend on your skin's undertones (ebony skin may have a cool blue, grey, or reddish undertone), your specific eye color and shade, and your personal preferences. Some women love to play with bold, bright, colors, while others prefer a softer smoky eye or more natural makeup look.

Ebony Green Eyes Color Suggestions

Eye makeup colors that may work well for ebony skin and green eyes include:

  • Deep plums
  • Purple hues
  • Burgundy colors
  • Turquoise
  • Aqua
  • Deep greens
  • Shades of brown and beige
  • Rich copper colors
  • Grey and black (typically most effective when used with other color combinations)

For women of color with green eyes and lighter gold-toned complexions, peach, lavender, cream, and lighter green shades can complement green eyes beautifully as well.

Brand Colors

There are many, many shades available in the aforementioned colors - even the same color, such as 'forest green' from two different cosmetic companies will have different hues. Generally speaking, the darker the skin, the deeper the makeup colors can be without looking overdone.

Single Shadows

Eye shadows to try include:

  • Iman shadow in Safari or African Violet
  • Napoleon Perdis Color Discs in Teal, Charcoal, Burgundy, Avocado, Purple, or Bordeaux
  • MAC cosmetics offers a range of wonderful eye cosmetics in hundreds of colors, including:

Color Combinations


Using a combination of colors can often produce a dazzling effect for green eyes. For many eye makeup looks, a highlight, contour, and crease color of eye shadow is accompanied by a complimentary color of eyeliner.

For many women, however, finding the colors that work together for eyes can seem daunting. Fortunately, many companies have produced eye duos, trios, quads, or palettes that compliment African American skin and green eyes. You can either choose a shade of eyeliner that harmonizes with the shadow group, or use an eye shadow brush to line the eye with shadow for a softer look.

A few products available to bring out ebony green eye beauty include:

  • Highly pigmented eye shadow - try Newly Minted, Humid, Purple Haze, or Plum Dressing
  • MAC Paint Pots - try Otherworldly, Moss Scape, Delft, Blackground, or Artifact
  • MAC Shadestick in Lucky Jade or Royal Hue
  • MAC Pigment in Teal, Smoke Signal, Off the Radar, Golden Olive, Violet, or Dark Soul

Using an eye shadow base can help the makeup adhere to the eye and keep from smudging, fading, or otherwise altering your look. You may also want to review LoveToKnow's tutorial on Eye Shapes for an eye makeup style specifically for the shape of your eyes.


Mascara for dark skin and green eyes depends on your hair and brow color. Typically colors that work best are dark brown, brown-black, black, or dark black. You can also try colored mascaras, such as a deep plum with similarly hued shadows, for a fantasy eye makeup look or evening drama. Curl your eyelashes to open up the eyes make lashes look longer.

For more help on eye makeup for brighter green eyes and a riveting ebony green eye look, visit the makeup counter of your local department store, contact Avon or Mary Kay representatives (some reps specialize in African American beauty) to select the right colors for your skin and eyes. Most of all, remember to have fun and select the shades and eye makeup look that most appeals to you!

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Ebony Green Eyes