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Famous for their legendary Lip Venom, DuWop Makeup is now a leader in the beauty industry.

About DuWop Makeup

Laura DeLuisa and Cristina Bartolucci know a thing or two about cosmetics. Serving as hair and makeup artists in the entertainment industry, the two had a knack for everything from soothing puffy eyes to creating authentic-looking fake blood. Before long, the women shifted their mutual interest in a different direction and founded DuWop Makeup.

The Products

DuWop practically owns the lip plumping market, and the brand is quickly gaining speed in other departments, too. It offers a mouth-watering variety of products that will make any makeup aficionado drool with anticipation.


No DuWop feature would be complete without mentioning Lip Venom. The tingly gloss is infused with cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger. These spicy ingredients are a recipe for lip-plumping perfection; they cause blood to rush to the lips' surface, resulting in a flushed tone and slight swelling. Not far behind Lip Venom are the brand's other pout products, including these:

woman with full red lips
  • Lip Venom Pink Shimmer: The girly-girls of the world will go wild for this luscious gloss. It contains the same ingredients as the original Lip Venom, but it's also infused with a shot of pink shimmer.
  • Venom Flash: Perfect for the sparkly holiday season, Venom Flash is infused with either silver or gold shimmer. It provides the same plumping effects as the original Lip Venom.
  • Lip Venom 2nd Sin: This unique formula provides a solution for the sensitive-lipped among us. Achieve a plump pout without the customary burning and stinging associated with the original Lip Venom.
  • Shades of Venom: Already a cult favorite, Shades of Venom lipstick moisturizes and plumps all at once. It's available in several versatile, flattering shades, including pink, red, nude, wine and black cherry.
  • Venom Gloss: The signature Venom tingle is just part of it. Venom Gloss also contains soothing green tea extract and softening jojoba, avocado and sunflower oil. It's available in 12 shades, including champagne, peach, orange, rose, berry and mauve.
  • Anti-Venom: Maybe your lips are already full. You can still enjoy DuWop by slicking on some Anti-Venom, a satin-matte lipstick with a delicious vanilla scent. This formula does not include any of Lip Venom's lip-enhancing ingredients.
  • Realipsticks: Classic, timeless elegance was the inspiration for this lipstick collection. All four shades are named after Hollywood starlets of yesteryear, and each is demure, sophisticated and infused with antioxidants.
  • Elixrstix: DuWop collaborated with herbal health care company e-lix-r Tonics & Teas to create this non-sticky gloss. Each color is formulated to promote one of four functions: clarity, serenity, harmony and energy.
  • Duet Gloss Highlighter: Perfect your pout with this multi-functional product. One side is a shimmery lip gloss, the other a luminous all-over highlighter. Dab some of the gleaming liquid anywhere you want to achieve a pearlescent finish.
  • Buttercream Lip Balm: Hot on the heels of the company's famous buttercream-scented lotion came this rich lip balm. It's infused with ultra-moisturizing ingredients and scented with a fragrance akin to cake frosting.
  • Reverse Lip Liner: Slicking on a black tea and wild mushroom concoction hardly sounds appealing. Yet the key ingredient in this matte liner is Kombuchka, proven to restore volume to the skin. It also helps prevent lipstick from feathering and bleeding.
  • Neutral Lip Pencils: A plumper, color enhancer, liner, sun protector and anti-feathering tool in one, the Neutral Lip Pencil is a step above other liners on the market. It contains SPF 10 and is available in six skin-flattering shades.


DeLuisa and Bartolucci owe their success in great part to puffy eyes. It was the tired eyes of a film actress that inspired the creation of DuWop's first product, I Gels. These cool, gel-based discs conform to the shape of the eye and saturate the area with botanical extracts. Use them to soothe the delicate eye area in the morning or after removing your makeup. DuWop's other eye products include:

  • Duet Eye Shadows: Get more bang for your buck with these cute compacts, which feature two velvety, highly pigmented shades. The complement each other perfectly, and DuWop releases new duos each season.
  • Shadowlift: Its name pretty much says it all. This revolutionary product is formulated to provide shimmery color while firming the eyelid with anti-aging, skin-perfecting ingredients.
  • Smoke: Say hello to sexy bedroom eyes. Smoke is designed to create the perfect smoky eye. It features a shimmery powder shadow, a creamy, easy-to-apply cake liner and two miniature brushes.
  • Reverse Eyeliner: Is there anything it doesn't do? This handy pencil plumps fine lines, diminishes the signs of aging and improves the eye area's appearance and texture. It also acts as a base to keep eyeliner in place.
  • Lash Lacquer: Two-in-one products are more than welcome in a makeup bag full of messy tubes and ancient pencils. Consider this for your lashes. One side is a rich, water-resistant mascara, the other a glossy, separating topcoat.
  • Cream and Powder Eye Shadow Kits: These convenient eye palettes offer options aplenty. Each contains cream or powder shadows, a metallic gold or silver and a coordinating cream liner.
  • Browwow: Groom your brows with this portable little palette. It includes a brow powder, tinted pomade and a champagne-colored shimmer highlighter to play up the brow bone.


It was only natural that DuWop eventually took on blushes, bronzers and highlighters. Their limited but functional collection of cheek products includes:

  • Blushbooster: There's nothing like a gorgeous natural flush to brighten the face up. Blushbooster is ideal for this purpose. With its selection of four flattering hues and a healthy dose of radiant shimmer, this blush is the only one a gal really needs.
  • Bronzerush: Bronze is the metallic of the moment, especially with its ability to impart a warm, glowing tan. Dust this bronzer over the included gel blush for a flush that's sure to garner attention.
  • ICE: This limited edition shimmer powder is a refreshing addition to any collection. Its cool pink finish is infused with a hint of light-reflecting shimmer. Dust ICE anywhere and everywhere - it's a versatile product that will prove absolutely timeless.
  • Blush Therapy: One of the more unique products to hit the blush world, this cream blush is packaged in a stick. It features a gel-like translucency, but finishes as light as a powder. A gentle aromatherapy fragrance is built into the cap.


DuWop has flawless skin on the agenda, too. A small selection of concealers and foundations is available, with something for every skin tone.

  • Smoothset: This dual powder and pore-minimizing balm work to create a smooth finish. Use the oil-controlling balm as a base before foundation, or simply use it underneath the powder.
  • Surface: A velvety concealer, this stick formula provides medium coverage and conceals imperfections and discolorations. It blends to a sheer finish on the skin and is available in six universal shades.
  • Sub-Surface: This two-in-one tool is a must for makeup aficionados. One side features an anti-aging primer for the delicate skin beneath the eyes. The other is a blemish treatment containing blemish-fighting salicylic acid.
  • Revolution Face: Tinted moisturizers are ideal when the sun starts wreaking havoc with heavier makeup. DuWop's hydrating version contains SPF 15 and provides ample coverage without settling into fine lines. It is available in eight shades.

Other Products

In addition to their extensive cosmetic line, DuWop also offers a small line of bath and body products, as well as toenail polish, gift sets and tools.

Where to Purchase

DuWop is available at specialty beauty boutiques and select Sephora stores nationwide, and online at DuWop.

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