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Get Dramatic Eyes!


From classic black eyeliner and mascara to trendy two-toned bright eye makeup, there are an incredible number of ways to get dramatic eyes with makeup!

Show off your gorgeous eyes with a hot, get-noticed makeup look - the following slides will give you nine great looks to create eyes full of drama.

Classic Smoky Eye Makeup


The smoky eye is a dramatic look that is undoubtedly sexy and screams of evening glamour. Use black, charcoal, or grey shadows and liner for a classic smoky eye, or use purple or maroon shades for a fresh take on the look.

Tip: A smoky eye is defined by its sultry, smudged look, but you don't want makeup trailing down your face. Apply pressed powder below the eyes and use cotton swabs to clean up any eye makeup residue.

Create a Unique Shape


Eye makeup shapes and styles are limited only by your imagination. To amp up the drama, use a dark pigment or shadow to create an attention-getting shape around the eyes.

Liquid eyeliner is another great way to create a custom look. Draw and fill in a dramatic shape and combine it with a completely neutral palette on the rest of your face to make your eyes really pop.

Long Eyelashes Add Drama


A secret of models and professional makeup artists everywhere is in the lashes -- ultra long lashes definitely add drama. Even a natural look is immediately bolder and more dramatic when the lashes take center stage.

To get the look: Apply at least two coats of lengthening and volumizing mascara to curled lashes, or use individual false lashes and finish with mascara to blend the natural and false lashes together.

Focus On Eyeliner


Play up the eyes with eyeliner by focusing either on the top lash line, drawing a thick, dramatic line or focusing on the lower lash line with a full line along the inner rim and smudged liner underneath.

Keep the shadow on the opposite side of the eye light and neutral.

Tip: Lining the inner rim can make eyes appear smaller, so if you want your eyes to look bigger, you may want to avoid this.

Add Sparkle and Shimmer


Sparkling, shimmery, or glitter eye makeup gives eyes an instant pick up and is the perfect dramatic look for special occasions and holidays.

Tip: Glimmery shadows can settle into fine lines and make them more noticeable, so mature eyes may want to avoid frosted eye makeup.

Go Bold with Gold


Yellow and gold shadows are a popular look, and the bright color is what makes it dramatic!

Eye shadow shades range from bright, matte, sunny yellows to beige shades with flecks of gold. Look for a shade that works with your skin tone and don't forget the mascara.

Dramatic Patterned Eye Makeup


Animal prints have taken the fashion world by storm in everything from handbags to leggings. Why not eye makeup?

Create a unique animal print or other pattern with gel or liquid eyeliner and cream shadow for eyes that walk on the wild side.

Bright Eye Makeup, Dramatic Eyes


Dramatic eyes don't have to rely on dark colors. Using bold, bright colors, like the bright blue hues shown on the model here, make a bold statement.

Play with various pigment and shadow shades to find a bright eye makeup look that works for you.

Dramatic Eye Makeup Secrets


The pros practice many dramatic eye makeup secrets on the runways to get out-of-this-world eyes.

  • Extend liner slightly beyond the outer edge of the top lid to make eyes look bigger.
  • Always curl your lashes to make eyes appear more open.
  • Use an eye primer to keep that bold eye makeup in place.
  • Balance a dramatic eye with more subtle cheek and lip colors.

Want more tips? Make your eyes stand out by choosing the right lip color to go with a dramatic smoky eye.

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Dramatic Eyes Photo Gallery