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Do you really want to make a statement with your eye makeup? Not only does dramatic eye makeup allow your eyes to 'pop,' it can help you create a unique and unforgettable look for a special occasion or a night out. Creating drama doesn't need to be difficult; with a few easy steps and tricks getting the right look is easier than you might think.

Creating Dramatic Eye Makeup

The Tools

If you are going to try out a makeup look darker than you normally wear, there are a few products you will want to make sure you have:

  • An eye pencil in a dark shade (consider black, deep chocolate, navy, purple, or another deep hue that complements your eye clolor)
  • Black or dark purple/blue mascara
  • Black liquid eye liner
  • Eye makeup brushes in a variety of sizes
  • Both light and dark colored eye shadows

After you have all of these supplies, you can begin to experiment and play around with different looks.


Start your look by coloring your eyebrows about a shade darker than their natural color. If your eyebrows are exceptionally dark, then you can take the time to practice shaping them perfectly and choosing eye shadow colors that complement them. Eyebrow shape can make or break your beauty, so make sure your eyebrows are symmetrical and shaped with a natural-looking arch.

Eye Shadow

After finishing your eyebrows, apply a light shade of eye shadow, starting at your eyelash line and going up to the base of your eyebrow. Your color choice depends upon your complexion and eye color, however, light pinks or subtle gold/browns work well for many women.

Following application of this light color, use a dark shade in a thin line and place it in the crease of your eye lid, then blend. This will help to "open up" your lids and make them look large, expressive, and dramatic. You can also use a medium shade on top of this dark color if you want and add variety. Blend this mid-toned third shadow into your brow bone.


After you have completed your shadow, it's time to use eyeliner. When applying the liner, start out small; it is easier to add more eyeliner than it is to remove it.

Place eyeliner to your upper lashes first. Using a very thin line, apply from the inner corner outward. When you move on to the bottom lashes, be sure the two lines do not touch, as this will actually 'shrink' your eyes and cause them to look smaller rather than dramatic. If you use a colored eye pencil, you can still apply a thin line of black liquid liner close to the upper lash bed, this will make your lashes look thicker and add even more emphasis to the eyes.

Curl your lashes, and complete your look with two coats of dark mascara.

How to Get Dramatic Eyes in Five Fast Steps

Seductive Eye Makeup
Seductive Eye Makeup

Do you only have a few minutes and need attention-getting eye makeup? Use these steps for fast and easy drama.

1. Prepare your eyelids with an eye primer to create an oil-free surface for your makeup.

2. Apply eyeliner in the same shade as the overall eye shadow color you are using. When drawing the line, make it thicker at the middle of the lash line.

3. Use a lighter eyeliner color for the lower lash line, and smudge it with a little bit of your shadow.

4. Dust a light, shimmery eye shadow base color from lash line to brows, and add a darker shadow below the crease, blending at the lash line until the liner is no longer visible.

5. Apply several coats of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

Application Tips

Bright Eye Makeup
Bright Eye Makeup

Utilize these tips for bold eyes:

  • When applying eyeliner, extend the line a little beyond the outer corner of the upper lash line, and sweep it slightly upward.
  • To keep the attention on your dramatic eyes, wear nude lip gloss, and stay away from bright lipstick shades such as red or pink.
  • After applying your eye makeup, touch up the area around and underneath your eyes with a quality concealer. This will help you cover up any smudges of makeup that got in places where they shouldn't be and help keep your eye makeup looking fresh and professionally done.

Bold, Beautiful Eyes

Dramatic eye makeup can enhance your look for a variety of occasions Wear it for fun evenings out, perhaps when you next go dancing at your favorite club or have an after-hours work soiree to attend. Remember it's typically best to reserve an attention-getting eye look for evenings; but for formal events such as weddings it's best to stick to a more classic style. Using heavier eyeliner, darker eye shadow, and an extra coat or two of mascara can help create a bold and fun look that keeps all eyes on your eyes -- just make sure to do a trial run with your new look before wearing it out on the town.

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Get the Dramatic Eye Look