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Infuse your skin with a clean, pure scent.

Nobody does clean and simple quite like Dlish Fragrances. The brand is the parent company to a number of renowned beauty products, and each has had a strong impact on the industry in recent years.

Randi Shinder's Beauty Bounty

There's nothing quite like that fresh-from-the-shower feeling. You feel warm and invigorated all at once, your hair is fragrant and freshly washed, your skin is soft and moisturized and you smell...well, fresh.

Those components were the first inspirations for Randi Shinder, founder of Dlish Fragrances. Building on the universal desire to smell as fresh and clean as if one had just stepped out of the shower, Shinder created a line of fragrances aptly titled CLEAN. The result was an almost immediate success that inevitably made a place for itself in fragrance history.

It isn't just CLEAN that made Dlish a household name, though. In keeping with the tradition of any successful, determined entrepreneur, Shinder followed up her debut fragrance with a brilliant partnership. Pairing with pop star Jessica Simpson, the two introduced Dessert Beauty to the makeup and fragrance markets.

The line featured bright, colorful lip glosses, shimmery powders and sweetly-scented fragrances geared toward the younger crowd. Though Dessert Beauty and Dlish were separate entities, they shared a close business relationship that further proved Shinder's prowess in the industry.

As if that wasn't enough, Shinder grabbed the bull by the horns and capitalized on a growing beauty industry trend: the desire to achieve full, plump lips - without surgical enhancement. Though the number of lip-plumping glosses, lipsticks and treatments grew exponentially in a very short period of time, clearly the market was lacking the revolutionary claims promised by LipFusion. Part of Shinder's Fusion Beauty collection, the gloss was just one of a number of innovative products soon released by this beauty pioneer.

The Dlish Fragrances Collection

Juggling fragrances, cosmetics and treatments, it's quite clear that Dlish Fragrances has a strong hold on the ever-growing beauty industry. What makes the products so memorable and renowned may be attributed partially to some very effective marketing campaigns, but there's more to this extensive line than meets the eye. Here is a closer look at each product line and its benefits.

CLEAN Fragrances

If the idea of spritzing on a heady floral, vibrant citrus, a cloyingly sweet scent, or other type of fragrance just makes you wrinkle your nose, you clearly don't have a taste for the mass market scents that crowd the shelves. The truth is, you're no different from millions of other individuals who want something fresh, pleasant and appropriate for all situations. Let's face it. You're likely to cause even more wrinkled noses if you wear a heavy floral to the office!

This easily explains the popularity of CLEAN fragrances for men and women. Scents as natural and universal as soap and laundry typically aren't construed as offensive, and they are also easy to wear by most people (as opposed to other fragrances that don't always blend well with individual chemistries). The CLEAN line is comprised of perfumes, bath and body products, and home fragrance accessories. Among them are the following:

  • Eau de Parfum: This is the original fragrance that started it all. Consider it the anti-perfume parfum: It's meant to mimic that fresh-from-the-shower fragrance instead of committing to any specific notes. Of course, it does contain some specific notes that help it smell the way it does! They include orange, sweet lime and white musk.
  • Fresh Laundry Shower Gel: There's nothing more comforting than a big, fluffy, hot towel straight from the dryer. It's not just the feel of it - it's the scent, too! This revolutionary shower gel froths up and infuses your skin with that fresh, clean aroma.

Sister Companies

Dessert Beauty and Fusion Beauty have each made their unique marks on the beauty world. These sister companies of Dlish are known for their buzz-worthy products. It's no wonder they've been seen in magazines and on consumers all over the world!

Dessert Beauty

The now-discontinued Dessert Beauty line was formed in collaboration between Randi Shinder and Jessica Simpson. The trendy, playful collection included a variety of color cosmetics and plenty of fragrances, all boasting flavors and scents inspired by delicious desserts and treats (bubblegum, lollipop and buttercream were just a few). There's a reason the body products were flavored - these unique body care items were edible!

Though the line is no longer being manufactured, the products are still readily available at deeply discounted prices. Check Sephora and drugstores like Walgreen's and Rite Aid Rite Aid for a selection.

Fusion Beauty

Fusion Beauty is all about breakthroughs. The line is renowned first and foremost for its trademark "Topical-Injectable" products, a trait that delivers active molecules into the skin via a unique absorption system. Essentially, it claims to provide similar benefits to a needle-based procedure. The difference is, of course, that no actual injection takes place - everything is "inserted" via the topical skin surface. Products include LipFusion Lip Plump, which contains marine collagen micro-spheres that are absorbed by the lips and essentially plumps them by creating a mild swelling, and GlowFusion Micro-Tech Intuitive Active Bronzer, which promises to relax wrinkles and provide a natural glow with its powerful blend of natural ingredients.

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