Divided Makeup Bags

Divide and conquer!
Get organized with the right makeup bag.

Divided makeup bags are a great way to organize cosmetics. If you have a stressful morning beauty routine that includes rummaging through a variety of cosmetic bags to find your beauty staples, an organized makeup bag will save you time while keeping your cosmetics in sight.

Benefits of Divided Makeup Bags

Makeup bags are normally an after-thought purchase for most women, if at all. Many people rely on cosmetic freebie pouches and end up stashing a variety of cosmetics in a disorganized collection of mismatched totes and cases. While splurging on a makeup bag can be a moderate expense, divided makeup bags are sure to help you clear the clutter from your morning makeup routine, making makeup application easier and more proficient.

Styles of Divided Cosmetic Bags

Divided bags are available in plenty of styles, fabrics and materials. Hard cases, soft cases and travel cases all offer plenty of divided options. Finding a divided case that suits your needs is easy.

First, consider where you are likely to store your cosmetics. If you prefer bathroom drawer storage, you'll want to opt for a slim fabric case that houses at least three pouches for eye, face, and lip products. If space is of no concern, you may consider a large and sturdy train case in a professional metal casing. Durable train cases offer tiered divided storage and lift out mirrors, perfect for the beauty aficionado on the go.

Travel Makeup Bags

If you're a seasoned traveler, chances are you'll need a makeup satchel that can roll and pack easily. There are plenty of travel divided cases that are perfect for makeup application wherever your travels take you. Some divided bags even offer a roll up hanger option, allowing you to unroll your bag and hang it on the backside of a door or closet for instant travel organization. Before you splurge on the perfect bag, give your individual needs some thought and consider what type of cosmetic bag will solve your disorganized dilemma.

Purge and Toss

Once you've purchased the right makeup bag for your lifestyle, you'll want to spend some time cleaning and purging your current cosmetic inventory. While shelf life of cosmetics vary, most everything should be tossed if it's over a year old. Eye makeup such as liquid liners and mascara should always be pitched within one month of opening. Powder blushes and lip liners have longer storage time. The best test is to smell and analyze each cosmetic in your bag. If products are separating or have a foul odor, it's time to give them the toss. Once you've purged your beauty products, take a note on what your beauty bag is missing. If you need a new eyeliner or new blush, go ahead and stock up on the essentials.

Keeping a divided makeup bag organized is easy. Spend one day per month sorting through your bag and removing product overspill and powder from cases. Continue to pitch any old products, and lightly dust off your bag with a damp cloth to remove stains and powders. Once you've organized your makeup bag, you'll find you have more time to spend beautifying yourself rather than scrambling through a drawer full of disorganized cosmetics. Clear the clutter and free yourself from morning stress by keeping your makeup must-haves in sight with divided storage systems.

Where to Buy

The following Internet retailers offer a variety of divided makeup storage options:

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