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Although disco may be dead, disco makeup is not! While a bit much for the office, women can borrow from 1970s disco culture to create a dramatic face when they head out for a night of clubbing and partying.


Disco makeup is not subtle. It's bright and vibrant, a perfect match for the clothing that women wore to nightclubs throughout the 70s. Even though you probably don't wear bell bottoms, sequins and lots of polyester to your typical club today, you do wear more makeup for a night of dancing. Bright colors and heavier application show up much better under club lights than that natural makeup look that works for daytime.

If you want to recreate a disco look, you may want these cosmetics on hand:

  • Blue eye shadow
  • Pink eye shadow
  • Pink or orange blush
  • Pale lip color
  • Bright lip color
  • Clear lip-gloss
  • Black mascara
  • False eyelashes

Take a look at pictures from the 1970s for inspiration. One thing that may pop out at you is the length of eyelashes. Lashes were super long and lush, often helped along with fake lashes that women glued on for the night.

If you already have long, luscious lashes, you may not need help in this area besides a lengthening mascara, but if you want a real disco makeup look, consider fake lashes to take your eyes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Create Your Own Disco Makeup Look

Maybe you have a retro party to attend or you just want a dramatic and sexy look one night. Try these pointers to create a disco makeup look that's sure to be noticed:

  • Glistening skin: Apply foundation with a light hand. You want your complexion to glow, not be covered by heavy base. Skip foundation if your skin is clear, or use concealer only on problem spots. You can also wear a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin. If you choose to follow up with a dusting of powder, make it a light application of loose powder. You don't want a matte look; you want dewy skin.
  • Don't skimp on the eyeshadow: Although blue eye shadow was huge in the 1970s and women of all complexions wore it, you can also go with pink or light green. Choose a shadow with iridescent qualities. A liquid eye shadow may last longer during a night of dancing and partying over a powder shadow. This isn't the time to apply shadow with a light hand-you want this eye shadow to be seen. Apply several coats all over your lids and apply a light highlighter directly underneath your brow.
  • The eyes have it: Once your eye shadow is complete, follow up with several coats of black mascara or skip it and just stick with fake lashes. Your lashes should be long and free of clumps.
  • Forget subtle blush: Disco blush isn't meant to replicate a faint flush; it's meant to stand out. Choose bright pink or orange tones and apply in circles to the apples of your cheeks.
  • Lip gloss rules: Whether you wear a pale lip color or go for a bright shade like tangerine or red, a heavy dose of lip gloss makes sure your lips are noticed.
  • Optional: You can apply a thick line of liquid eyeliner if desired or glittery powder along your cheeks and temples.

For the Overall Look

Anyone who wants to be a true disco queen can't set foot outside without accompanying clothing and hair, so add these looks for a real retro vibe:

  • Big hair
  • Sequins
  • Platform heels
  • Busy patterns

Have Fun with It

Even if you never attend a disco or nightclub, disco makeup can be a fun way to create an eye-catching look. Take one part of it, such as bright eye shadow, if you want to try something different without doing a complete makeover. Since makeup should always be fun, don't be afraid to experiment with false lashes or bright blush one day--you might be surprised at how good you look borrowing from an era where polyester ruled the day!

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