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Designer perfume is typically created to add glamour to a designer's reputation by issuing a signature fragrance. Normally a highly profitable item, designer perfume increases revenues significantly more than the apparel presented. Therefore, it tends to be a staple product in all designer lines.

Why Buy Designer?

The use of scent for attraction is older than humanity. Herbs and flowers have utilized fragrances as a form of reproduction enhancement long before the dawn of mankind. It is, therefore, no surprise that perfume's natural scents have been extracted from plants' essential oils. Newer technology has also led to the creation of synthetic fragrances, thus requiring the skills of a chemist and botanist in the formulation of perfumes. Synthetic products have also replaced many of the previous animal-extracted ingredients that animal rights activists have eliminated from mainstream perfume manufacturing.

Designer perfume is traditionally a higher quality fragrance. Therefore, the scent is fashioned from authentic ingredients that provide a long-lasting consistent aroma. Classic designer perfumes are truly the best available, as they are not simply marketing gimmicks. The history of customer satisfaction clearly demonstrates that the classic fragrance has stood the test of time and fashion.

Selected Designer Perfumes

There are a wide variety of designer perfumes on the market today and many more on the horizon. When selecting a new perfume, it is best to shop at a higher quality specialty or department store to allow the opportunity to work with trained consultants. Experimenting with perfume directly on your skin is the best method to uncover the perfect scent. There can be subtle differences in how perfume reacts with your own unique chemistry and evaluating a variety of samples provides the truest test.

With such a large assortment available, the following designer perfumes are some of the classics. If you have your own favorite, feel free to add it in!

Elizabeth Arden

  • Blue Grass

First released in 1936, it was one of the most successful fragrances of its time. Re-launched in 1989 as a classic, it offers a traditional flower scent topped with hints of lavender and bergamot.

  • Red Door

Named after the Elizabeth Arden tradition of the red doors in her spas and cosmetic stores it was launched in 1989. The Red Door fragrance is a classic floral scent.

  • 5th Avenue

A more recent classic released in 1996, 5th Avenue is an elegant fragrance with strong lilac and magnolia scents.


  • Gio

An award-winning fragrance from one of the most prominent designers in history was created in 1992. Gio provides a floral fruity scent with notes from rose, jasmine and a hint of vanilla and peach.


  • Chanel No5

Made famous due to Marilyn Monroe's confession that Chanel No5 was "all she wore to bed." Coco Chanel released the fragrance in 1921 with the number five as it was her lucky number. A floral aldehyde perfume, Chanel No5 offers a variety of scents from ylang-ylang to jasmine and a hint of sandalwood.

Christian Dior

  • Dune

One of the best known names in trendsetting perfumes, Dior released Dune in 1991. An award-winning fragrance, it introduced an oceanic scent that has been widely popular ever since.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

  • Jean-Paul Gaultier

While owned by cosmetic manufacturer Shiseido, this perfume named for the enigmatic clothing designer is fitting of his character. Released in 1993, it provides a soft powdery floral with notes in orange blossom and amber.

Giorgio Beverly Hills

  • Giorgio

While currently owned by Procter & Gamble, Giorgio Beverly Hills began as an independent fashion boutique. Their signature perfume was released in 1981 and was the first ever promoted by scent strips in magazines. A very strong and heavy fragrance it has been a huge success.


  • Envy

With a long line of successful fragrances over the years, Gucci released Envy in 1997. Heavily advertised and well received, this green floral scent is a substantial bestseller.

Calvin Klein

  • Obsession

After fifteen years in the fashion business, Calvin Klein eventually entered the perfume trade. Releasing its first fragrance, Obsession, in 1985 made a huge impact on the perfume marketplace. A completely modern and overtly sexual marketing campaign, it caught on like wildfire and was soon selling all over the globe. This controversial, but also award-winning, fragrance provides a floral oriental scent.

Ralph Lauren

  • Safari

Following the outdoorsy polo theme, Safari was released in 1990. Described as having a feminine out-of-Africa feel, it is in the category of floral green with scents of orange, patchouli and rose.

  • Blue

An award-winning fragrance available in both men's and women's, Blue provides the experience of clear waters. More recently released in 2004, it provides a cool refreshing scent with notes in lotus, peony and musk.

Yves Saint Laurent

  • Opium

Due to the name's association with a common street drug, Opium caused quite a stir when it was first released in 1977. A true oriental style scent, the fragrance proved Yves was right as it quickly became the best-selling perfume he ever released.

Elizabeth Taylor

  • White Diamonds

An award-winning sensation, White Diamonds was one of the greatest perfume success stories of all time. Released in 1992, it continues to be one of the best selling designer perfumes world-wide. White Diamonds provides a delicate floral scent with notes in lily, jasmine, narcissus and oak moss.

Tiffany & Co.

  • Tiffany

Catering to high society, Tiffany & Co would no doubt create an award-winning perfume. To celebrate the company's 150th birthday, the fragrance, Tiffany, was released in 1987. Launched in a classy crystal flacon, the scent is a fruity floral with traces of mandarin, iris and vanilla.

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