Demure Makeup Review

Simple beauty naturally.

This Demure makeup review will tell you a little about Demure Cosmetics, a line of mineral makeup that you may not have heard of. If you are looking for affordably priced mineral makeup that gives you natural beauty, read on.

Demure Cosmetics

For some background information, Demure Cosmetics is based in Clearwater, Florida. They sell their products online, as well as through distributors who sell to retail outlets. You may have seen new line of mineral makeup in Sam's Wholesale Club, which is where I first discovered the products.

They take great pride in the fact that their line of cosmetics is 100 percent natural with no talc, oil or preservatives. If you are sensitive to fragrance in cosmetics, you will also appreciate that Demure Cosmetics are fragrance free.

The primary ingredients are Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, both of which are proven to be beneficial to your skin. Their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are what make dermatologists and plastic surgeons recommend mineral cosmetics to their patients. In addition, these minerals provide your skin with natural, SPF 15 sun protection.

Demure Makeup Review

I found Demure Cosmetics as many others do, at a demonstration table set up at my local Sam's Club. I wasn't prepared to make my purchase right away, but I was ready to see what was so special about mineral makeup; I had been wanting to try them for quite some time.

My first question was if this makeup was the same as Bare Essentials makeup. The man at the table told me it was the same, only without the preservatives. While I am not an expert on Bare Essentials makeup, I am a fan of products that don't use chemicals to preserve their products. While I may change my mind as I continue to age, at this point I have no desire to put preservatives on my face.

The woman at the table demonstrated the makeup on my forearm. I was impressed that the discolorations on my arm were covered, and yet it did not look like there was any makeup on my arm. I would have to look into this a bit further.

My Purchase

The next day I returned to Sam's to show my teen-aged daughters my new discovery. I liked the idea of them using a makeup that is good for their skin. They also seemed impressed with the demonstration, so we made our selection.

My daughters and I each got a mineral foundation. We purchased one finishing powder to share as well as one blush to share. We also selected five different shades of eye shadow to play with. Our selection also came with a natural hair kabuki brush, blush brush and eye shadow brush.

Using the Makeup

We were anxious to try our new makeup for ourselves. We were told that we needed to apply a good moisturizer to clean skin before applying the makeup. I did not purchase the moisturizer that they had because I still have plenty of my own, but my next purchase will include the revitalizing cream that Demure Cosmetics sells.It is a bit tricky to get used to applying mineral makeup for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it is well worth the time it took. When I apply the makeup now, I am very pleased with the natural finish it gives my skin. The best part is, it doesn't feel like I am wearing any makeup.

I asked my girls how they liked it, and they too, are impressed. Because they are young, I occasionally find myself reminding them to blend their foundation or tone it down a bit. With this new makeup, even their first attempts were successful. I find that this makeup brings out, and enhances their natural beauty instead of making them look made up.

Even though we are sharing several products, this makeup will last a long time. Used daily by one person, it should last eight months. We have decided to purchase more so we can each have our own set.

Purchasing Demure Makeup

When I purchased this product for the Demure makeup review, I got a great price at Sam's. The Deluxe Makeup Kit normally retails for $170 and includes two foundation shades, finishing powder and blush. Also included are a kabuki brush, blush brush and eye shadow brush.

This kit at Sam's sells for $80 and that is with the addition of two eye shadows. Once you have made an initial purchase you are registered as a Preferred Customer. This gives you discounts on future purchases. If, for example, you purchase a new eye shadow, the regular price is $15 but as a Preferred Customer you only pay $12.50. Purchases can be made online at Deluvia Cosmetics, or for the best price, get you first kit at Sam's.

More for Your Money

Purchasing mineral makeup is a great way to stretch your beauty budget. You can use it as a lip color by using it with a clear gloss, as a nail polish using it with clear nail polish, and as eyeliner with a dampened brush. You can also mix colors for even more great choices.

Besides having foundation colors for every skin tone, Demure Cosmetics also has six blushes and more than 20 eye shadows. When you mix colors you have even more options-which is great fun for my girls and will be for you too.

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Demure Makeup Review