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Dark Princess Makeup

Dramatic eyes are key for a dark princess look.

Dark princess makeup can be a fun, unique alternative to the classic princess look for Halloween or costume parties.

Types of Dark Princess Makeup

One of the fun aspects of makeup for a dark princess look is that you can get very creative with your makeup. You can make the look truly dark, and create evil looking eyes and sinister brows, or you can have some fun with a combination of colors along with to tone down the princess look from fun to frightening.

The eyes and lips are two features that really take center stage when it comes to makeup looks like these. A few standard makeup ideas that will help create the look include:

  • Dark, smoky eyes
  • Thick, dark eyeliner
  • Dark red lips
  • Dark, defined brows
  • Grey eye shadow
  • Pale or white skin

Specific Makeup Looks for a Dark Princess

While you can easily create dark princess beauty by using your own creativity, you may also want to try a specific look. Ideas include:

  • Dark Spider Princess Makeup: Use face paint to create a web on your face - around the eyes and forehead can be very eye-catching and dramatic. Dark red lips will look great, too.
  • Dark Vampire Princess: Create a classic vampire look, but princess it up with things like long eyelashes and black glitter.
  • Gothic Princess': Black eyeliner and black, grey, or deep purple eye shadow along with pale skin and either flesh colored, dark blue, or black lips can create a goth princess makeup look.
  • Evening Princess: A fun, slightly dark look can be done by really playing up the eyes with a combination of white shadow, dark blue shadow shades, and mascara or false eyelashes. Keep the rest of the face neutral, with a sheer foundation and nude lip, for this look.
  • Dark Fairy Princess Makeup: Fun fantasy eyes are perfect for a dark fairy princess. Use deep colored shadows, and wing out eyeliner and create lines, dots, and unique freehand designs. Shimmer shadows and glitter will also add to the look. A deep shade of lipstick that complements the eye colors will finish the look.

Eyelashes for a Dark Princess Look

Makeup for a dark princess is both scary and sexy, and nothing says sexy like ultra long lashes. Since your eye makeup will most likely be heavier than normal for this look, curled lashes and mascara may not be enough. Many dark princess makeup looks incorporate false eyelashes on the top and lower lashes to really emphasize the eyes and capitalize on great eye makeup. Or for an opposites effect, wear white or silver glitter lashes that contrasts dark eye makeup. Consider using false lashes made of unique materials such as feathers for a very creative and unusual look. You can find unique lashes online sold by professional makeup lines, such as:

Dark Princess Face Paint

Face paint designs can also work well with dark princess cosmetics. Look for kits that have dark or saturated colors. Creative fantasy face paint designs, drawn freehand or done with stencils, can really add to the overall look. Dark gems and black, silver, dark blue, or other colors of glitter makeup can add a dark shimmer.While you may not find a specific dark princess face paint kit, you can purchase dark kits designed for vampires or witches along with a classic or fairy princess face paint kit. Then utilize colors in both kits to create the makeup look you want. Many costume and Halloween makeup supply stores also carry all-occasion kits with a range of colors to use.

Whether you want to add just a bit of fright to fairy princess look, or you want to go all out with princess makeup that is paralyzingly dark, a little creativity will yield an unforgettable look!

Dark Princess Makeup