Dark Bride Makeup

Dead bride costume

Dark bride makeup will give your dead or evil bride costume just the right touch of terror. Apply this makeup look after you have dressed to avoid makeup transfer to your garments.

Dark Bride Makeup Application

Your makeup application will set your look apart from the rest of the Halloween crowd. Get dark bride makeup that will stay in place all night and make you look ghoulishly fabulous.

corpse bride
  1. Start with clean, moisturized skin. Skin should be dry when you start this application.
  2. Brush your eyebrows upward and outward.
  3. Cover your face and neck with a pale pancake or cream to powder foundation makeup. The makeup color should be three to four shades lighter than your actual skin tone. Blend the makeup up and down your neck to cover any exposed skin.
  4. Mix translucent powder with white pigment powder. Set the foundation by applying the powder to the entire face with a powder brush. Do not put powder or makeup on your eyelid but do cover your eyebrows.
  5. Arc blue eyeliner around the eye to make large blue circles. The arc should start at the inner corner of the eye, arc up to the middle of the eyebrow and then back down to the outer right corner of the eye.
  6. Draw a blue line with eyeliner under the eye and complete the circle but drawing back to the starting point. Do this for both eyes. The blue will give you a dead look reminiscent of the Tim Burton "Corpse Bride." You may use black or purple eyeliner for a different look.
  7. Fill in the circles you drew with a mid-tone blue eye shadow.
  8. Paint along the edges of the circle with a slightly darker blue color to give the eyes a truly "dead" look, in 3D.
  9. Add light blue eye or gray eyeshadow to the cheeks for blush. Brush the gray powder around the edges of the face.
  10. Dab pink blush under the eyes in small circles. The circles should be about one inch from the eyes.
  11. Use black eyeliner to draw imitation eyebrows over the natural ones. Shape the eyebrows anyway you like. For example, long and stringy or full and fat eyebrows are wonderful.
  12. Draw on black eyelashes on the skin under the eyes. Do this by making small vertical lines.
  13. Pat the lips with a makeup sponge and a little foundation makeup with a slight pink tinge to it.

Dark Bridal Hair

  • Add black tulle to a second hair bridal veil for a scary dead bride look.
  • Glue plastic bugs like flies and roaches to your bridal veil.
  • Crimp your hair and tease it to look messy before wearing your wedding veil. A messy hair look will complement your dark makeup.

Extra Touches

Not everyone wants to go the extra mile for a super scary look but if you do, these extra makeup touches will give your corpse bride look sheer scare appeal.

dead bride costume
  • Buy stick on wounds and place one on your neck. If you want a wound on your face then apply it before you apply your dark bride makeup.
  • Use a red lip liner to draw on a bloody neckline wound. With black eyeliner, draw a stitched gash about 3 inches long.
  • A plastic necklace that looks like barbed wire is also a creepy accessory to wear with this look.
  • Talk a friend into being a dead groom or a dead bridesmaid. This idea would work with a group too. Ask your friends to be the dead bridal party and you can play the starring role as bride.

Choose your level of "dead" with these creepy bridal makeup ideas, and your Halloween ensemble will be fantastically frightening.

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Dark Bride Makeup