Daily Makeover Interview

DailyMakeover Editorial Director Rachel Hayes

If you want to get a daily makeover like no other, you'll have to check out DailyMakeover.com, a unique Website experience for women looking for the latest in beauty.

LoveToKnow talked to Editorial Director Rachel Hayes about how to get the most out of the site, what essentials every woman needs and how to make the most of your daily look every day!

About Daily Makeover

DailyMakeover seems to be a unique site for women interested in beauty. Can you tell us what sets it apart from other sites that cover beauty news and trends?

DailyMakeover.com isn't just a beauty web site. We are an online community of more than one million women who share beauty and fashion trends and style opinions. Our community members use DailyMakeover.com's virtual makeover tool, Makeover Studio to "try-on" more than 8,000 hairstyles and 7,000 cosmetics and accessories to create and experiment with different looks.

This is a very unique tool and extremely helpful for women who need help figuring out which hairstyles, hair colors and makeup shades work for them. They create new looks, solicit feedback from the community regarding what they think works or what doesn't and then they can recreate them on their own.

Use the Site to Your Advantage


Can you explain how someone searching for a new look can use DailyMakeover?DailyMakeover.com is a comprehensive resource for women searching for a new look and is incredibly easy to use. To get started, women need to complete our free registration. From there, they'll be prompted to upload a photo of themselves.

Once that is done, they are ready to try on thousands of hair and makeup looks available on the site. We've categorized the looks by face shape so it's easy for women to find hairstyles that will work for their shape - round, oval, heart, or square. We also feature several one-click celebrity and runway looks which will put the hairstyle and all the makeup of a celebrity or model onto your picture in just one click.

Users can easily view other users' virtual makeovers at the site. How else can users participate in a community atmosphere?

Not only do women come to DailyMakeover.com to try-on new looks with the virtual makeover tool, but we are a community of more than one million women who share ideas, support, and offer advice. Women provide feedback to other community members about their makeovers as well as feedback on product reviews and beauty tips. We also have a team of beauty and fashion experts who a report on the latest trends and beauty news.

How can a user get the most of his or her experience at the site?

To get the most out of their site experience, we recommend users do the following:

  • Use a good photo. Take a few minutes to pull your hair back, take off your makeup and take a well-lit photo.
  • Be open minded! There is no commitment in the virtual makeover world. If you don't like it, just erase it!
  • Share your looks with the community to solicit feedback on what works and what doesn't.
  • Share your looks with friends outside of the community to get opinions from those who know you best.
  • Use the tips provided on the site to learn how to create and try-on their own looks.
  • Take the looks - specifically haircuts and colors - to a professional to get it in real life!

Tips on Updating Your Look


What are some key tips people should follow when wanting a new look? Some do's and don'ts?

I think the most important thing to keep in mind when changing your look is to "be yourself." While it is important for your look to evolve with the times, you should never lose sight of your personality and time-commitment to beauty.

For example, if you don't normally wear much makeup or don't have a lot of time the morning to do your hair, then don't break your back trying out a super glammed out look. There are plenty of low-maintenance beauty trends that can have a major impact on your look.

Other Do's and Don'ts Include:


  • Select a hairstyle that fits your face shape. We have a quick quiz that helps you figure your face shape out if you don't already know it.
  • Choose a versatile look that you can change for different occasions. For example, a dramatic smoky eye is better suited to a night out rather than an early morning meeting but that doesn't mean you can't find a simple grey shade to wear during the day, then pump it up when evening comes.
  • Take your makeup bag with you when you shop. Women tend to buy the same lipstick and eye shadow colors over and over, so if you have your current most-used shades on hand, you can make sure you won't buy something you already own and can pick out a new shade that works with your current favorites.


  • Select a hair color that washes you out. Sometimes the latest trends only work for certain skin tones. When choosing a new hair color, it's important to select something that complements your skin tone and brightens your complexion.
  • Don''t overdo it. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, not mask it. To avoid looking overdone, choose products that highlight your best features and don't wear more than one bold color at a time.
  • Don't be scared of bright makeup shades. Many times, a color can look almost neon in the packaging, but when you put it on it is actually very sheer. Those types of products tend to have great staying power and are beautiful shades.

What are some simple things anyone can do to quickly update their look?

On DailyMakeover.com we have a feature called one-minute makeovers that is updated daily. We feature easy, inexpensive ideas for women to quickly update their look. Some of my favorite quick-change ideas are:

  • Add a hair accessory, like a fun sparkly headband, to easily update any style
  • Try a sexy side bun or boho braids for a fun summer look
  • At-home highlights have come a long way - brighten your locks for less than you spent on lunch
  • Add a pop of color to any outfit with fun, bright nail shades for summer
  • Purple eye shadow or liner looks good on almost everyone. Try this easy inexpensive tip to make any look more exotic.

Essentials and More

Can you name some beauty essentials that every woman should have in her handbag every day?

Bright lip gloss - like coral or watermelon - and mascara. That's all you really need in a pinch to open up your eyes and add some color to your face.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Visit DailyMakeover.com often, we're always adding more looks to try-on and beauty tips to help you navigate the season's latest trends. For real-time updates, find us on Facebook and Twitter (@dailymakeover).

This is just one example of how you can easily add a different hairstyle to your face to see how it looks on you.


We'd like to thank Rachel Hayes and DailyMakeover.com for helping our readers see how easily they can make the most of their beauty for a great look daily.

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