Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer Review

Cover Tox Ten Concealer by Physician's Formula

If you're looking for an undereye concealer, Physician's Formula Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer provides great coverage at an affordable price.

About Cover Tox Ten

Developed by Physician's Formula, Cover Tox Ten is a unique line of anti-aging cosmetics that is designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin's appearance. The products are actually created to be more effective with continued use; over a ten day period they claim to show seventy to ninety percent visible wrinkle reduction. Specially formulated time release ingredients such as GABA and vitamin C provide benefits to both improve skin's appearance and health.

The Tox Ten line currently includes:

  • Wrinkle Therapy Foundation
  • Wrinkle Therapy Concealer
  • Cover Tox Ten Powder

All products are hypo-allergenic, fragrance free, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist tested.

Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer Review

I tried the Wrinkle Therapy Concealer because one of my problems is dark undereye circles, small blotches, and fine lines under my eyes. At 29, my undereye wrinkles are fine and not yet deep, but they are bothersome nonetheless. Without concealer, I find I look tired, and mascara and eyeliner (which I LOVE to wear), collects in the lines and just looks, well, horrible. So, undereye concealer is a must for me. This product was voted one of the top ten new beauty products by People magazine, and one of the "Best in the Beauty Aisles" in Good Housekeeping - another good reason to plunk down the money for this concealer.

After two months of using Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer, here is a bit more about how the product worked for me.


The product comes in tube form with a little brush attached to the end of the tube. Simply squeeze gently to produce a small amount and dab it on with the brush. Use your ring finger to gently smooth in the areas you need. (This formula is gentle enough for the undereye, but you can also try on other problem areas as well.)The consistency of the concealer is a little thick for me (thicker than the concealers from Neutrogena that I normally use). If I don't have the brush turned at just the right angle, I also find that the bristles poke my skin. So to apply, I usually just dab a small amount on the tip of my ring finger and smooth. It goes on gently and smoothes fairly well. Once it's blended, it doesn't look thick, but smoothes nicely into the skin.

I do find that if I use any undereye cream, even a light daily eye moisturizer, the concealer becomes clumpy and uneven when I try to blend it. To counteract this unsightly effect, I typically use it without cream or apply the cream at least half an hour before I apply my makeup to let it soak into the skin and reduce the likelihood of the uneven application.

The Look

The look of the concealer is very natural once it's been applied and dries. It does reduce my undereye dark circles effectively. I also dab little on the outer corner of the eye and the eyelid to blend and this also keeps my eye shadow form smearing.

Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer comes in Soft Yellow, Fair Light, Natural Light, and Medium Beige. Since I am light complected with pinkish undertones, I chose the Fair Light color. The Fair Light color is actually almost too light for my skin; only the palest complexions would need this. If I use too much it gives almost a whitish cast. (If I purchase this product again, I will get the Natural Light instead.)

Wrinkle Reduction

The product claims to work on a time factor (within ten minutes fifty percent of wrinkles diminish, within ten days, seventy-seven percent visible dark circle reduction). After using this product for two months, I think these percentages may be true with daily continued usage. If you don't wear the concealer every day, the effectiveness may be lower (this was my experience). When I wore the concealer in succession for a series of days, the result was that my eyes did seem brighter and less lined. When I went a day or two without wearing makeup, it seemed to detract from the benefits.

I did notice an improvement in the brightness and smoothness in the appearance of my undereye immediately after applying, and the product does hold up well through the day. The produc, however, is not designed to reduce puffiness, so it's not recommended for those with problematic puffy eyes. My overall rating would be eight stars since it does a great job, but I had minor problems with the consistency and application.

Good Product, Reasonable Price

Overall, I think this is a very good product and available at an affordable price; I purchased my Cover Tox Ten Concealer at CVS Pharmacy for under ten dollars. It is available at many drug stores and department stores as well as online at

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Cover Tox Ten Wrinkle Therapy Concealer Review