Concealing Pimples

Don't hide, just conceal your pimples!

Whether you deal with acne-prone skin or are lucky enough to only have the occasional blemish, concealing pimples is a high priority when it comes to looking and feeling beautiful.

Top Picks in Blemish Cover-up Products

If you're looking for a quality products to hide your pimples but aren't sure which product to pick, you may want to consider the following products. The following are reputable brands and have received favorable reviews for concealing acne and blemishes.

  • Dermablend Smooth Concealer: This product was named a best beauty buy from InStyle Magazine, and a little goes a long way to disguise those unwanted facial spots.
  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer: This concealer provides excellent coverage and lasting results.
  • Neutrogena SkinClearing oil-free concealer: This highly-rated formula not only conceals pimples, but has ingredients to heal them and prevent new blemishes from forming.
  • Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: This concealer has is recommended by many beauty experts and can be used for pimples as well as other blemishes like broken veins.

Although many companies today provide a range of concealer colors for various kin types and tones, there are also blemish concealers, such as Black Opal's Spot Concealer, that are specifically formulated for the needs of ethnic skin.

Concealing Pimples: Application


First, apply an oil-free foundation as to your skin as you normally would, using light and blended layers if necessary. Next, apply the concealer gently and specifically to the affected spot, using either:

  • Completely clean fingertips
  • The tip of a clean cosmetic sponge
  • Small facial makeup brush
  • Clean cotton swab

Then let the concealer dry completely. Once the makeup is dry, it's important to dust the area lightly with an oil-free pressed or loose powder to set the foundation and concealer.

Note: Be careful not to over apply - applying a second layer of concealer sometimes backfires and ends up softening and removing the concealer.

Disguising Pimples as Beauty Marks

An alternative to flesh-colored cover up is hiding your pimple under the guise of a beauty or birthmark. Fake beauty marks are considered fun and sexy by any women, and can also work in a pinch to cover up an unsightly blemish. You can use fake stick-on birthmarks or darken with eye pencil and set with powder. Be aware the ingredients in eye pencils may aggravate the blemish, however, so be sure to clean thoroughly if you use this method.

Concealing Acne for Men

Although women are more likely to use cosmetics to cover their pimples, men may worry about concealing skin imperfections as well. For men who are worried about pimples, razor bumps, or other problems, products such as The Men Pen is designed specifically for male skin.

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Concealing Pimples