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MoodMatcher Changing Color Lipstick

Whether you are looking for a lipstick that works with your body's chemistry to give you just the right shade, or a fun color changing lipstick that varies with your moods, there are many options to choose to bring out the chameleon in your lips.

The Perfect Lip Color?

Is there such a thing as the 'perfect' lipstick shade? For most women, the perfect lip look depends on the occasions - maybe a nude earth tone works best for your everyday makeup, a bright berry just the ticket for a night out, and luscious pink gloss for when you want sexy lips and a fun look. The problem is, although most lipsticks look great in the tube, it's usually hard to tell how they look on you until you've purchased that color and tried it on.

L'Paige Cosmetics advertises lipsticks devised to alleviate this problem. These unique lip colors promise to change according to a shade that is right for your skin tone and coloring. These come in colors completely opposite of what you would normally want to put on your lips, such as green, white, yellow, and blue.

While LoveToKnow was unable to find product reviews to find out how well these chemistry-color changing lip colors really work, we'd love to hear from you in the comments section of this article if you've tried one!

Lipstick Color Changers

You can also change the color of your lipstick by using a couple simple tricks.If you have purchased a tube of lipstick that looks great in the tube, only to find it was too dark, too light, too shiny, or too matte, you don't necessarily have to throw it out. There are a number of lipstick color changers or 'fixers' available today. These come in different formulas, to alter the look of the original lipstick. Popular formulas include lightening, darkening, frost, and matte. LipSense offers shimmer, highlighting, and glossing products to layer with liquid lip colors and change the appearance as desired.

  • To Lighten: Blot and go over the lip color with your favorite clear gloss. Another trick is to add a touch of concealor or foundation to your lips prior to applying to get a lighter shade of color.
  • To Darken: Use a darker shade of lip liner and fill lips in completely. Use two coats of lipstick for a darker finish.
  • To Neutralize Color: Use a touch of a neutral or earth toned eye shadow and mix with the base lip color. You can also use a lipstick brush to mix a bit of the lipstick with other glosses or lipsticks to get a brand new color.

Mood Color Changing Lipstick

The eighties may be long over, but 80s makeup has come back -- along with the love of all things mood related such as mood rings and mood lipstick. Mood color changing lipsticks are the ultimate in chameleon lip color and are a fun way to liven up your pout. They are perfect to add a splash of color -- and a lot of fun to your makeup routine. Many types of mood lipsticks come in moisturizing formulas or are formulated with aloe to keep lips soft as an added benefit.As with most makeup, there are varying qualities of mood lip color. These color changing lipsticks come in both very inexpensive versions, perfect for young girls and as party favors, and more sophisticated versions for teen beauty and adult women. Here's a brief look at some of the mood lipsticks available:

  • Robanda Mood Lips: Smooth, long lasting mood lipstick, available at Sally

How Mood Lipstick Works

It might be fun to think a lipstick can actually change depending on what mood you're in, but in reality these lip colors don't necessarily change because of your mood. The ph balance and the temperature of the lips cause the lipstick ingredients to change from the color in the tube. Your body temperature does, however, sometimes change due to your mood, for example your temperature might be higher when you're angry, or lower when you're relaxed or pensive.

Your verbal tone and body language might still be better assessors of the mood you're in, but a changing lip color is still a fun addition to your makeup box no matter how you feel!


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