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Your lips will shine for miles!

In your search for Coach lip gloss, Kohl stores may be the first place you'd wind up looking. Unfortunately, you'd be headed in the wrong direction, but don't let that stop you from really getting your hands on this long-lasting, slick gloss!

About Coach Products

Coach is a big name brand known primarily for its handbags. The lineup is rife with classic and trendy bags alike, and the company is famous for introducing new collections all the time. Devotees have been known to collect and store the bags for posterity, while new fans are constantly latching on to the brand's signature, enduring styles.

Though handbags are the company's bread and butter, it's not just cute carryalls and chic clutches that make Coach a force to be reckoned with. The company constantly adds new, trendy items to its lineup. Lifestyle products, such as day planners, as well as pet accessories, men's items, shoes and clothing are also part of the repertoire. Most recently, Coach added beauty products to its vast collection.

Coach Beauty

Despite not being known as a beauty product manufacturer, Coach entered the market with a bang last year when it introduced a modest lineup of color cosmetics and fragrances. The first items to roll out were the company's highly anticipated lipsticks, as well as a shimmer powder for the face. Other products included a fragrance, a scented body lotion, a purse spray and a solid perfume.

The Coach Lip Gloss Kohl Connection

In late 2007, Coach announced that it would unveil three lip glosses as part of the quickly growing collection. The big news spread like wildfire and appeared on beauty Web sites across the Internet and in major national magazines. Among them was the January 2008 issue of People Stylewatch, which noted that the glosses would be available at Kohl's stores nationwide.

Unfortunately, this was a misprint that quickly sparked great confusion. This stemmed in great part from the fact that Coach merchandise is not normally available at Kohl's and other stores similar to it. Even associates at Coach were quick to dismiss the claim, stating that the lip glosses were exclusive to Coach stores only. Of course, news of the mistake spread quickly as well, and soon most Coach fanatics were aware of the magazine's error.

Glamorous Lip Glosses for Label Lovers

The Coach beauty line was an instant smash in great part because of the products' packaging. The bottles, tubes and compacts are all adorned with the brand's signature C logo. While the lipsticks are on the dark side of the spectrum, the lip glosses are a touch more versatile and wearable for women of all skin tones. The color selection includes the following three shades:

  • Gardenia: This rosy shade has a golden background that gives it a truly magnificent glint. Use this to slightly tone down a darker lipstick shade during the winter (it's gorgeous over a deep wine or rich burgundy), or wear it solo during the summer to bring out a beautiful tan or subtle glow.
  • Hibiscus: Attention, pink fans: This gloss was made for you. Bold and unabashedly bright, it captures attention in the tube with its dynamic shade of hot, nearly fuchsia-pink. It's on the lips, though, where this color really blooms! Definitely not for the timid, it's destined to make your lips the focal point of your overall look.
  • Heather: A natural, flattering shade with a hint of mauve splashed through a primarily nude-pink hue, this color works well with a variety of looks. This color offers great versatility; wear it when your eyes are understated to add a pop to your look, or use it to downplay your lips when your eyes are smoldering and dark. It works both ways.

Easy Application

Even the gloss-phobic can work wonders with this easy to apply formula. The product makes use of a slim brush applicator, which is much more user-friendly (and less wasteful) than the typical sponge applicator. Simply glide it on and blend. If you prefer, dab a bit onto your lips and use your finger to smudge it over your pout instead. This will help you achieve a gorgeous hint of color with just a touch of shine.

Where to Purchase

You know all about the Coach lip gloss Kohl connection now, so hopefully you know where not to shop. You can purchase these glosses at select Coach stores nationwide, and online at Coach.

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Coach Lip Gloss Kohl