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Achieve a natural glow in a hurry!

Like many women, I'm a sucker for everything from cute packaging to portable beauty, so it was no surprise that the new Clinique Quick Blush instantly intrigued me. Not only did it have a reliable name to back it up, it also promised rapid results without a lot of work. Sold!

About Clinique Quick Blush

Cutting to the chase isn't my style - I could ramble for days about cosmetics! - but I must admit I was instantly smitten by Clinique Quick Blush. The product first caught my eye as it sat gleaming on the department store counter. Packaged in a broad, sturdy cylindrical tube, the product looks like a simple brush at first. Inside, though, is more than just that. One end contains a twistable brush, while the cap end is loaded with blush. It almost seemed gimmicky at first, but my curiosity was slightly piqued nonetheless.

Pick Up Some Color

A first inclination might be to shake the tube rapidly back and forth or up and down to deposit color on the brush. Fortunately, it's even quicker than that. To begin, just twist the brush counterclockwise while twisting the cap clockwise. That's it - twist and you've successfully loaded color onto the brush. It could not be easier!


Applying this new blush has proven to be a great experience. The brush receives all the credit for that; it's surprisingly high quality for something that appears at first like it would perform no better than a travel brush.

The brush is full size, though, and it's just what one would expect of a superior makeup brush. It's full, sturdy, thick and soft. Best of all, though, it's absolutely the right size for applying blush successfully. All too often, blush brushes are meager at best, but this really meets the needs of anyone who wants to achieve a gorgeous glow.

After color has been loaded onto the brush, simply remove the cap and lightly tap the brush to remove any excess blush. I prefer to firmly blot my brush just once against a tissue. This successfully eliminates just the right amount of excess product and leaves me with enough to achieve the look I desire. After doing this, the color is easy to sweep directly onto the apples of the cheeks. My preference is to apply it in a lightly circular motion, blending gently upward. A very light hand may also be used on the temples, chin and nose if you want to add a simple, natural glow to the entire face.

Color Selection

Fortunately, achieving said natural glow is quite easy with Quick Blush, thanks to the great color selection. There are six shades available, all with cheeky names that suit them perfectly:

  • Minute Mocha: Categorized as a nude, this is a very natural, wearable pinkish-brown.
  • Peach-in-a-Pinch: An adorable name for a girly color! This fresh hue is a natural, glowing peach.
  • Hurry Honey: Slightly darker than Peach-in-a-Pinch, this shade has a faintly tawny element to it.
  • Pronto Pink: Spring's must-have color, this is a baby pink color infused with the slightest hint of shimmer.
  • In-a-Rush-Blush: Deeper and more vivid than Pronto Pink, this shade is ideal if you want something more noticeable than your average pink.
  • Berry On Time: Its violet undertone makes this the deepest shade of the bunch. It's dramatic, but not overpowering.

I tried Minute Mocha, Peach-in-a-Pinch and Pronto Pink, and met with great results each time. Minute Mocha is easily the most universally flattering and versatile of the shades. Peach-in-a-Pinch just demands to be worn through the warmer months - it brightens up a tired face and lends skin a fresh glow. Finally, Pronto Pink is light and sweet. It doesn't offer much pigment at first, but building the color does accentuate its presence. (Layering on some more product is easy, by the way - just replace the blush, twist a few more times, blot as needed and apply.)

Other Things to Note

Not only is it quick and simple, this blush is pretty darn good for the skin, too. As with other brushes in the Clinique range, this uses the company's unique antibacterial technology to ensure that it's completely hygienic. The powder itself is oil-free, water-resistant and lasts the entire day. This product retails for $21.50 and is a marvelous deal - the brush is top notch, the blush is long lasting and it truly lives up to its name.

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Clinique Quick Blush