Clinique Perfume Review

Clinique Perfume Review

Although we can't send you a whiff of scent over the Internet, we can do our best to offer up an opinion with this Clinique perfume review. With my last online order from Clinique Makeup, I received a free sample of their newer Happy to Be women's perfume.

About Clinique Fragrances

Clinique has only recently emerged into the fragrance market, as typically only a skincare and makeup company. Within their small assortment of scents they offer three main product lines:

  • The Happy Scents - citrus and floral.
  • Aromatics Elixir - woodsy and musky.
  • Simply Line - velvety.

As a skincare company, most of their fragrances are also available in creams, body washes, and coordinating sets.

Happy Scents

Happy to Be Clinique perfume is part of their Happy Scents collection. Released in 2005, it is available in a cream, body wash, spray and travel set. The company's perfume tagline "loving who you are, where you are… happy to be" alludes to their intended concept. A Clinique perfume designed to be Happy; it is natural to assume the fragrance will be upbeat and enlightening.


As part of the overall floral aroma emerge the following notes in the Happy to Be Clinique perfume:

  • Hibiscus
  • Bulgarian Rose
  • Syringa Flower
  • Crisp Pear

With undertones in:

  • Sandalwood
  • Sesame

Clinique Perfume Review

Not one to be opposed to some additional happiness in my life, I was quick to give this perfume sample a try. The following are my observations during the Clinique perfume review trial.

  • Scent - Imagine a basic perfume fragrance and you have this scent. Certainly very floral in aroma, it also maintains a somewhat synthetic alcohol smell as well. It is a scent that smells better from a distance than close up. Reminiscent of a strong smelling floral display, it provides your skin a gentle and clean, garden aroma.
  • Intensity - Truly a moderate fragrance, not overwhelming but certainly not subtle. It fills the car with sweetness, but not the room. You will notice it on yourself all day as the perfume easily lasts the length of your waking hours.
  • Style - Nothing too unique here. Happy to Be is a mature fragrance which will make you smell pleasant but not overly special. A very feminine scent, it is better as a background day fragrance rather than for a hot date. Offering a stronger alcoholic aroma, it is probably best avoided by those who are overly sensitive to perfume chemicals.

Where to Buy

Clinique perfumes are available anywhere Clinique products are sold. Perform your own Clinique perfume review and stop by your local department store counter to ask for a sample. If you are already to jump in and give it a try, visit the following websites:

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Clinique Perfume Review