Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick

Soft, shiny and buttery - the perfect combination!

All but eliminating that dreadful, early morning ritual that has me juggling lipstick in one hand and lip gloss in the other, Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick saves a step and offers the best of both worlds.

The Trouble with Lip Gloss

It's not that I've never used a glossy lipstick before, but I'm confident that I've not used one that has actually withstood anything; from a quick cup of coffee to a long day at the office. Frankly, "glossy" has long been a veiled synonym for "lacking longevity" in my experience. However, I've always liked gloss for a touch of shine and to add some dewiness to otherwise lackluster, occasionally drying lipsticks. The fact that gloss doesn't last very long, either on its own, worn over a lipstick or in a formula that unites the two together, has always made reapplication a necessary evil.

Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick

Though lipsticks with a glossy sheen are nothing new, the discovery that there is one out there that actually meets its promises and lasts longer than half an hour is definitely something to take note of. The Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick is a revolutionary product for these reasons alone, but its vast color selection makes it even more impressive.

The Pros

By virtue of its name, this Clinique lipstick is genuinely buttery in texture. While typical lipstick formulas are hard and waxy (formulated this way to give it a sturdy structure), Butter Shine Lipsticks bring a new, unconventional method to the beauty world. The mixture is filled with butters, modern waxes and high-shine gels that melt at body temperature, resulting in the creamy texture that makes application such a dream. Despite their malleable nature, these silky lipsticks somehow remain as sturdy as the traditional lipstick formulas.

Besides the incredible texture, I was wowed by the selection of beautiful colors. Beyond the basic neutrals, of which there are plenty to choose from, there are also a few shocking reds, brilliant pinks and to-die-for roses that add eclecticism and versatility to the range. Though all of the colors stand out for one reason or another, I was especially pleased with these shades:

  • Rum Kiss: A beautiful, rich shade that is classified as a nude but goes a step beyond. It's enriched with a punch of rosy brown, which lends the color a satisfying versatility that makes it perfect to wear with everything from deep, smoky eyes to more minimal looks. Consider this the perfect nude - with a hint of extra color.
  • Cranberry Cream: I tend to shy away from red tones simply because they look outrageously garish on my face. This shade has the potential to be over-the-top, but it's surprisingly tame when I use a light hand to apply it. One of my favorite application methods is to simply dab it on with a finger, as if it were a liptick stain. This results in a fresh, just-bitten look that is both natural and becoming.
  • Water Violet: Don't be fooled by this color's name. Suggesting something purple about its appearance, the name doesn't do it justice. Water Violet is an approachable, everyday shade that has a pink undertone. It looks more neutral than bold and is a nice alternative to a vibrant plum or bright berry.

In addition to gorgeous colors and a pampering texture, the lipstick also boasts just the right amount of shine. This lends it the glossy factor that makes it an appropriate replacement for the everyday lip gloss. However, since it's pigmented it does offer more color payoff than your usual gloss, too.

The Cons

If there is any downside to this lovely product, it's how quickly it melts. Since the ingredients are blended together to emulate a truly buttery concoction, the result is just as one might expect. With each use, the lipstick gets noticeably flatter. This can be a hindrance to those who like to apply their lip color directly from the tube - running a flat nub over the lips can result in uneven application. It's helpful to use a lip brush when the lipstick gets very flat.

The Verdict

Easily one of my favorite lipsticks, this product really delivers. The colors are relatively sheer, but buildable enough to make a statement. Long lasting, smooth and probably the most buttery texture I've experienced in any lipstick, Butter Shine receives my seal of approval.

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Clinique Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick