Christmas Makeup Ideas

Great Christmas Makeup Ideas!

Christmas makeup ideas can take a few different forms. Some of the styles that tend to work best are:

  • A bright, strong mouth; either in fuchsia, deep berry or a true red.
  • Natural looks that range from monochrome, to peachy lips and cheeks.
  • A bronzed glow. This look can be combined with the natural look above, or stand alone.

No matter the look you finally settle on, these pictures will help you look great!

Sophisticated Christmas

If you happen to be attending a glamorous soiree, why not show up in bright red lips and mile-long lashes?

When paired with an elegant evening gown, the look is at once sophisticated and gorgeous.

Fur-Friendly Makeup

On the other hand, if you plan to spend Christmas with your friends, even four legged ones, you may be better off opting for makeup that's a little more personable.

Softly frosted and iridescent eyes, when paired with gently colored coral lips are smashing no matter the occasion.

Office Party!

Navigating office protocol at a party can be a little tricky. On the one hand, everyone is in a celebratory mood, but on the other hand, your boss will be there.

Strike the right note by going with a slightly brighter makeup look than what you normally wear every day.

This way, you look festive, but not inappropriate.

Simply Beautiful

This look is simplicity at it's very best: a touch of eyeliner, glowing skin and glossy lips.

This look may be especially beneficial if Christmas tends to be very busy around your house.

If you constantly find yourself in the kitchen, a naturally beautiful look like this may be best.

Snow Angel

Here's another take on the iridescent look. Notice that a little goes a very long way when utilizing this style.

If you like the way this looks but are a little nervous about wearing it, choose one feature to highlight at a time.

Coral Delight

Mixing corals and brows can have amazing results. The look is at once warm, inviting and stunning.

You can use a light hand the way this model did, or go for slightly deeper for more intensity.

Either way, you are sure to arrive at a beautiful look!

Diamond Shine

This is a sophisticated take on iridescent makeup, and as you can see the look works beautifully for special occasions.

The trick to making this look work is to pair it with a matte eye. It's perfectly find to apply shimmer to the inner corners of the eye, but allow the outer section of the eye to be shine-free.

Time to Celebrate!

If you prefer a stronger makeup look, in this case, red lips and deeply colored, smoky eyes, that's no problem at all.

In fact, special occasions are tailor-made for strong makeup, since they tend to show up best in photographs.

Once Christmas is over, its time to think about New Year's. The New Years Eve makeup ideas slideshow serves up a bevy of ideas!

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