Christmas Makeup

Check out some Christmas makeup ideas.
Christmas Makeup Ideas

While you're off celebrating the most magical time of year, consider how your Christmas makeup should be equally festive and bright. The following dramatic and flirtatious looks will guarantee you sparkle throughout the season!

Christmas Makeup Ideas

No matter your age, young or old, most people look forward to the season of giving. When Christmas lights start to adorn houses and merry carols repeat themselves over and over on the radio, you know it's time to add a festive look to your makeup.

Christmas makeup can be traditional, cheery or wintry and ethereal. Take a look at the following makeup themes and pick which palette you want to embrace during this blustery season.


You can't go wrong with a traditional makeup palette for the holidays. Traditional palettes include champagne and gold shadows paired with red or mauve lipsticks. This look works for a daytime look, but can also be glammed up with a more dramatic smoky eye for night. The following key products will help you achieve a traditional makeup style:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation
  • Gold and glistening champagne or silver eye shadows
  • Black or brown pencil eyeliner
  • Rose blush
  • Black or brown mascara
  • Lip liner in a rosy hue
  • Red or rose lipstick

Traditional Christmas makeup can be applied as liberally as needed to create the warm look you desire. If you're taking holiday photos, consider switching to a glossy plum lip gloss, which flatters nearly every complexion.

Cheery and Bright

Cheery and bright makeup styles add a joyful and youthful punch to your look. To create a happy party face, stock up on this playful palette:

  • Concealer
  • Foundation if needed
  • White or shimmery silver shadow
  • Pink and playful blush
  • Red or pink glossy lipstick
  • Highlighting cream

Cheery makeup is pretty minimal with the exception of a bold and glossy lipstick. Pink and red glossy lips are instant pick-me ups, so when holiday stress takes its toll, simplify and consider perking up your look with this palette!

Wintry Glow

Ethereal and luminescent glows go hand and hand with a snowy and white backdrop. These shimmery ideas are cool and calming, perfect for a daily minimal look during the Christmas season.

  • Concealer or foundation if needed
  • Translucent face powder
  • Light pink blush
  • Silver eye shadow
  • Black or brown eyeliner
  • Black, brown or clear mascara
  • Nude or flesh toned lip liner
  • Nude or flesh toned lipstick
  • Shimmer highlighter

Ethereal looks can be worn by nearly everyone and are perfect no matter your age. Bear in mind mature women should avoid adding too much gleam, as fine lines can be enhanced from too much glow. A matte shadow rather than metallic in soft neutral hue will help you achieve the same results suited for your skin.

Posing Pretty


Holidays are filled with candid and posed snapshots, so make sure you're ready for the camera flash by wearing festive Christmas makeup throughout the season. To avoid looking garish in photos, tone down the glimmer and glitz and opt for a low rather than high gloss lipstick. While Christmas makeup looks vary depending on your style and wardrobe choices, there's no reason not to celebrate the season with an added punch to your makeup palette.

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Christmas Makeup