Choosing Colored Contacts

Beautiful natural looking eyes

Choosing the best color of contacts for you comes down to a matter of taste. But here are a few guidelines to get you started.

Subtly Change Your Looks

If you want to create a change that people notice but can't put their finger on, then choose color enhancing contacts that gently bring out the natural color of your eyes, or blended tints that combine several colors together for the most natural looking eye.

  • For natural blue eyes, try color contacts in gray or green. Or choose an enhancer lens in blue that with a dark outer ring that defines your iris but doesn't change your color dramatically.
  • For natural brown eyes, try color contacts in amber/topaz or violet.

An example of a popular brand that does this is FreshLook Colorblends.

Dramatically Change Your looks

If you want to make a statement that stops people in their tracks, then choose dramatic, color-intense contacts that really stand out. These types of lenses intensify your eye color, change your color completely in a dramatic fashion, or brighten the eye color with sparkles or luminescence. Brands to try on:

Parties, Clubbing and Special Events

For one-time events or occasions when celebrating is on your mind, make a real splash with colored contact lenses that bring out the dramatic and exotic in you. Daily disposable color contacts are also a great option because for not a lot of money, you can change your look for just one night. Throw them away when you're finished. Try the NEW FreshLook ONE-DAY color disposables.Some other amazing contacts for clubs and parties are:

  • Sparkle Gold - contacts flecked with gold for (New Years perhaps)
  • Angelic - heavenly blue contacts with dark outer ring
  • Cat eyes - a classic in a variety of colors
  • Shamrock - for St Patricks day of course

Many of these specialty lenses are categorized as special effects lenses, theatrical lenses or crazy contacts. They are available in vision correcting and non-vision correction (plano) prescriptions.

Change Colors to Suit Your Mood

And who's not to say that you shouldn't choose a contact lens to suit your mood. Daily disposable colored lenses, such as FreshLook ONE-DAY disposables let you try different colors without a big cost. For less than $15, you get 10 lenses (all one color).

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Choosing Colored Contacts