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Sephora has these hot colors.

Chinese fashion makeup is as subject to fashion trends as any seasonal American style. However, the 2007 China Fashion Week featured a seascape trend of blues and aquamarines that defied the standard matte pale complexion and red lipped look that has remained popular over time.

Key Elements of Chinese Fashion Makeup

Makeup has certainly evolved over time, and now, fashionistas have many more cosmetic brands and looks to choose from. Creativity is always important, but the current major advances in Chinese fashion makeup revolve around heavily dramatic eyes and pale or unorthodox lip colors. If you're looking to create some of China's most recent runway looks, make sure you're ready to invest in the following items:

Keywords to keep in mind are: bold, untraditional, brilliant, dramatic, and surreal. In fact, the majority of these makeup looks will resemble costume makeup more than every day wearable makeup trends. So, when you're employing the latest looks in Chinese fashion makeup, you may want to at first reserve your new look for the night scene.

Designer Looks

Where bold costume makeup looks are concerned, there is one cosmetic designer that stands apart in the makeup industry. MAC cosmetics go above and beyond the hues and purposes of standard makeup lines. MAC makeup is intended for extreme looks, which is why their eye shadows and cosmetic items are heavily pigmented, and their assortment of false eyelashes extend to intense lengths.

This popular cosmetic line can be used when you are attempting to mimic more of the thematic elements in runway makeup. Indeed, with MAC's stunning array of blue and shimmering aqua eye shadows you can blend yourself into a unique looking sexy sea creature.

Creating the Mermaid Effect

One of the primary cosmetic looks popular in Beijing this past winter featured the theme of aquatic life. Models wore sea-inspired clothing ensembles that were accentuated by blue and turquoise toned makeup.

To really capture this daring and totally club-worth effect you will first want to start off with a clear white complexion. Regardless of your skin color and tone, you need to create a flawless canvas upon which to set the blue shades of your makeup.

  • Using a foundation primer and a quality makeup base, apply a foundation that is as pale as possible for you skin type, pale but only to the point that your makeup still seems natural.
  • Next, apply concealer under your eyes, especially in the corners where you eyes meet the bridge of your nose, and on the lids themselves where the concealer will act as a primer. From this point on your creativity can take over.
  • Select an assortment of similarly toned deep blues and shimmering blue shadows. Remember, this is a bold look, so iridescent pastels should only be used as highlighters. Blend your blues over the eyelid, along the crease, and in the center of the eyelid, while creating a multicolor shimmering effect.
  • If you want a slight variation to the look, feel free to add a green shade amongst the blue, but keep things bright. Liquid black eyeliner should then be applied along the lash line and under the eyes, extending out on the sides. Add some fake eyelashes that reach extreme lengths and then dust on a bit of eye glitter. However, you're look doesn't just stop at the eyes.
  • Instead of adding a naturally colored pink or red based blush, take a product such as the MAC Multi-Purpose Pigment in a color like Teal or Azreal Blue and sweep it across the hollow of your cheeks. Yes, blue blush is untraditional, but tonight you are not a mere mortal but a stylish resident of the aquatic realm.

Once you have achieved a remarkably sexy sea-like effect, feel free to add more shimmer dust along your cheek bones, under the eyebrow bone; in addition, you can even adhere small jewels around your eyes. Apply a pale, almost whitish lip gloss, or even a complimentary blue lipstick. The look is provocative, original, and stunningly artistic, which means you are bound to be noticed Beijing style!

Product Purchasing Information

MAC cosmetics are purchasable at many department stores, online at the official MAC site, and at specialty MAC stores nationwide. However, when you are attempting to assemble any makeup look, Sephora is a large high-end makeup store that can offer everything from eyelashes to small cosmetic products which both enhance and complete your look.

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