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Cheap designer colognes can save you money and will still help you to smell amazing for that special night out.

The Advantage of Cheap Designer Colognes

Designer clothes are a status symbol in both professional and personal environments. What you wear speaks volumes about who you are. These famous labels compel many men to dress to impress, whether or not they can really afford it!

The same can be said regarding designer colognes. We are expected to buy the best of the best and "smell of the rich" when it comes to our professional wardrobe and personal style.

If your salary, however, isn't exactly something to brag about, then you are in luck. Cheap designer colognes are beginning to corner the fragrance market as more and more people are becoming exasperated with overpriced name fragrances that just don't smell much differently than the more affordable options.

In many instances, the only difference between chic brands and their affordable competitors is the price. In fact, there are so many low-priced alternatives that many men are finding they are able to spend more money on things that really matter - like digital cable and poker nights! Alright, those may not be invaluable expenditures either, but really, who wants to spend a fortune on smelling good? Now you don't have to.

How and Where to Buy

Okay guys, we know many of you may fall a bit short when it comes to having those mall prowling skills that many women in your life may have perfected. You may be wondering where you can buy these bargains, and the answer may surprise you.

Cheap designer colognes are found just about anywhere, especially on the Internet. It may be a tricky place to buy since you can't really sample a whiff before purchase, but the diverse selection available through the Web is definitely tempting. Many men have found success in online purchases and would definitely recommend it to others.

Outlet stores are another great option. From the Gap to Ralph Lauren, some of the biggest names in fragrance fashion have discount stores throughout the nation. Oftentimes the products to hit these discount chains are closer to expiration date than what is allowed at fine retailers, and sometimes they are there simply due to an area surplus. Whatever the reason, they are a great purchase opportunity for you and your wallet!

Lastly, you can purchase cheap designer cologne, otherwise sometimes known as a knock-off fragrances. While some men refuse to lower their standards to a level where they will wear something with "smells just like…" in the title, the truth of the matter is many knock-offs are just as amazing in scent and longevity as their designer counterparts.

What to Buy

One of the best colognes to buy are cheap designer colognes by Versace or Liz Taylor for men. By all means explore the outlet stores and Internet for deals on your favorite high-end scent (word to the wise, eBay is an excellent place to start). If, however, you are looking for something readily available and uniquely fun to wear, check out some of these cheap designer colognes by some of your favorite personalities.

Paris Hilton for Men

A Paris Hilton-designed product for a man? You've got to be kidding, right? Not completely. For around 30 bucks you can actually get a scent that remains ultra-masculine despite its label's pink loving namesake. Fig leaf, green mango and white sage make up the unique aroma of this cologne, and you will also notice a hint of cedarwood and amber.


Adidas is a well known media entity. What guy hasn't owned a pair of their amazing sneakers? Now you can experience one of their diverse colognes as well. There are a few varieties to choose from, but we like Urban Spice. Geared especially toward young men, the price is completely reasonable (around 20 dollars), and it is an ideal blend of spice and sweetness.

David Beckham Instinct

If you're a soccer fan, you will want to explore the designer side of sports superstar David Beckham. He may have received a little help from his uber-trendy wife, however Beckham has achieved scent idealism with this blend of mandarin, Italian Bergamot and pimento.

Cheap designer colognes are more popular right now than ever. Go out or click around to get your own inexpensive signature fragrance today.

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Cheap Designer Colognes