Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks

Kristen Stewart's Look


Celebrity eye makeup is known for being beautiful, alluring, trendy, and sometimes even over the top.

Getting ideas from the stars can help fuel your imagination with inspiration to make your own eye pop for a special event or even an everyday look.

These ten eye makeup looks showcase some incredible looks from some of today's hottest female celebrities.

Shown: Kristen Stewart's eye makeup in this photo is a soft combination of grey and peachy-taupe shadows that gently emphasize her stunning eyes.

Avril Lavigne's Smoky Eye


Avril goes all out with the smoky eye in a classically dark color and an electrifying dark look.

If you are considering this look, you'll need a high quality, long lasting black eye shadow or pigment. Use an eye primer beforehand to keep the dark color from fading. Apply shadow on the top and bottom of the eye, then line both top and bottom eyes (including the water line) heavily with black kohl eyeliner. Finish with several coats of jet black mascara.

Taylor Swift: Classic Drama


Taylor Swift's eye makeup is often classic, and paired with a toned down cheek and lip color, looks phenomenal.

Dark eyeliner, neutral eye shadow colors, and ultra long lashes are striking and alluring.

Beyonce's Soft Eye Makeup


Beyonce's beautiful brown eyes are defined here with a combination of brown-toned shadows.

The look is soft due to the lack of harsh liner, yet certainly draws attention to the eyes. This is a celebrity eye makeup look that can work for everyday.

Carrie Underwood's Romantic Eyes


Carrie Underwood wears a romantic eye makeup look here, with flesh-colored shadows that have a slight shimmer highlighting the eye, and a black-brown liner defining and emphasizing her eyes.

Ultra long lashes pull this fresh-faced romantic look together.

Rihanna's Pale Purple Eyes


Rihanna is well-known for her 'fierce' eye look - dark eyeliner under the eye really makes this star's eyes stand out.

To soften a darkly-lined eye, use pale colored shadows and blend the color thoroughly.

Miley Cyrus: Purple Smoky Eye


This gorgeous young star is known for he beautiful eyes as well as her acting talents and amazing voice.

Often seen wearing a dark smoky eye, Miley Cyrus spices up the look in a trendy way with dark purple eye shadows.

Jessica Alba: Green Eye Shadow


Jessica Alba illustrates how to pull off a bold, colored eye makeup look in this photo.

The rich green eye shadow emphasizes her brown eyes beautifully, but she keeps the rest of her makeup natural and fresh so it is not overdone.

Gwen Stefani: Bold in Blue


Another popular trend is wearing bright or neon colored eyeliner.

Here Gwen Stefani departs from her typical cay-eye look and red lipstick and sports a neon blue liner with dramatic black lashes and a more neutral face and lip.

Christina Aguilera's Eyes


Christiana Aguilera is known for dramatic eyes and lips.

A mid-toned grey eye shadow surrounds her stunning eyes here, with a nude, slightly shimmery color on the lid and soft black liner to define.

Kim Kardashian's Dramatic Eyes


Kim Kardashian is known for her long, lush lashes and smoky eyes. Define eyes with rich brown, bronze, or gold shades for a dramatic and glamorous look, and follow with several coats of black mascara.

Whether you want the look of classically beautiful eyes or a truly dramatic celebrity look, the eyes of the stars always inspire.

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Celebrity Eye Makeup Looks