Article Highlight: Top Women's Perfumes That Attract Men

If you want to up your attraction game, consider a women's perfume that attracts men. The science behind these scents is a little soft, but there's still reason to believe they may work. Take a look at some of… Keep reading »

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Which women's perfumes attract men?

The art of scent has been a part of humanity from the very beginning. While perfume has transformed in both its design and use over the ages, it is still a large part of the beauty and fashion world.

Learn About Perfume Design

Fragrance is like makeup for the mind. As your nose is clearly linked to your internal emotions and feelings, a scent has a lasting impact on your beliefs about someone. At LoveToKnow Makeup, let us guide you in your search for information on buying, using and shopping for the ideal perfume.

Understanding the basics of fragrance - how it is manufactured, its history, and uses - will help you to learn about which fragrance best fits your personality.

Crossing the Boundaries

Perfume or cologne is one of the few makeup categories that easily slide between both sexes. Whether you are a man or a woman, fragrance can be an important staple in your wardrobe. In many cases, it is a man's one opportunity to distinguish from the masses. For women, it is the opportunity to create a particular aroma as a signature.

Start Your Perfume Search

While we can't allow you to smell each scent online, we do our best with words to help you in your perfume search. Shopping for perfume is particularly challenging due to the large array of fragrances available and the unlimited supply of retailers. Along with this vast assortment, add in the unique chemistry each scent displays. Not only do each of us smell differently, perfume also reacts differently on our skin - even changing with your own internal biological rhythms.

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