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Makeup is one of the most powerful beauty tools within your arsenal for looking good. Whether you use it to conceal a pimple or mask puffy eyes, or you want a full, expert makeover, the information you need to make it happen is at your fingertips.

Making Makeup Work

Learning how to apply makeup is just the beginning. You also have to learn how to select the best foundation for your skin tone and how to find the right lipstick to benefit the shape of your face. If you're brand new to the benefits of makeup, a starter kit can help you learn how to avoid makeup fails. Once you find the right makeup for your face and style, you'll feel much more "put-together" when you leave the house every morning.

Inspired Looks

Since you likely don't have a makeup expert at your disposal, you might turn to the many YouTube makeup personalities to choose your look. You might choose a makeup look inspired by a movie or a favorite singer with a unique makeup look to inspire your look. Perhaps you're drawn to makeup from a specific era like the 1940s or 1950s, or maybe there is a beautiful celebrity with a makeup look you want to mimic. Whatever your inspiration, with the right information you can present a truly timeless beauty.

Ingredients Matter

When you're applying makeup to your face or any other body part, you probably want to know what's in the makeup. Though most makeup is tested before it's released to the public, it's still important to know how cosmetics are made. Lipstick ingredients are important to know so you can ensure you aren't placing toxic ingredients on your mouth. And if you decide you're not willing to take the risk, you can make your own eye shadow, lipstick, or lip gloss. Makeup ingredients can dictate when the cosmetics should be discarded.

Hot Tips

Get hot makeup tips to avoid makeup disasters. Customize your makeup look according to the season and occasion; summer makeup is typically fresher and brighter than makeup in the fall. Makeup you wear to a disco party will be vastly different from the makeup you wear to a gothic gathering. Once you discover your makeup style, it's easier to vary your daily makeup routine for special occasions. It won't be long before you realize there is simply some makeup you can't live without.

Makeup Tips