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Article Highlight: How to Cover a Scab With Makeup

Having a scab on the face can affect your self-confidence. Whether you obtained it from a wound or a pimple, it can vary substantially in appearance. However, the good news is that you can use makeup to cover… Keep reading »

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Makeup Tips
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Types of Makeup Tips

With tips on product assortments such as natural cosmetics and mineral makeup, these articles contain information to help you research your options. With a large collection of makeup styles and formulations, it can be difficult for a consumer to make a choice. You might be a young makeup explorer or simply curious about what is available beyond your chosen cosmetics brands; either way, there is something to be learned within these articles.

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LoveToKnow Makeup strives to offer a variety of tips on different types of makeup that will help you create just the look you want. You'll find:

What's more, you'll find tips on makeup safety and health, such as topics on makeup ingredients, just when to discard makeup, and pros and cons of procedures like permanent makeup.

Makeup Tips