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Article Highlight: Makeup Artist Interview with Before and After Makeover Pics

Being the subject of before and after makeup pics can be an encouraging experience for any woman who is desiring to improve her physical appearance. However, what's more fun is being the makeup artist responsible… Keep reading »

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Do you ever wish you could have your own personal consultation with a makeup professional? A place where you could gain invaluable insider tricks of the trade, learn how to apply makeup like a pro, and finally figure out what that fourth eye shadow in your quad does? LTK Makeup is here to the rescue.

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From current trends in makeup to the top beauty secrets in the industry, to professional artists that make up our favorite celebs, LoveToKnow Makeup has you covered.

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Once you've had a taste of these makeup professional secrets, you'll naturally want to try them out for yourself. You'll get the inside scoop to help you on every step of your makeup journey. Articles that cover the perfect eyebrow shape, the best party face and comprehensive tips on the perfect holiday face are all apart of the package. Best of all? That's just the beginning.

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The expert interviews here answer some of your most pressing beauty questions and provide inside looks at some of the hottest beauty products. Get a tough look at your beauty routine from the Cosmetic Cop, learn how to do a six minute makeover, learn about hot interactive tools like those from Daily Makeover, and much more in these interviews with beauty and makeup professionals.

Makeup Professionals