How to Apply Makeup

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Generally speaking, putting on your makeup for pictures takes a little longer than usual. Whether it's a portrait, a selfie, or another kind of picture, it's all about making your best features stand out and… Keep reading »

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Eye Makeup

Whether you are a beauty expert or a young novice, learning new techniques for applying makeup is always beneficial. The ability to apply cosmetics in a way that makes you look naturally beautiful, not artificial, is truly an educated art form.

Makeup Application

The articles you'll find on LoveToKnow Makeup will help you master a variety of cosmetic application techniques. Whether you're new to wearing makeup or if you're simply looking for ways to enhance your skills, you'll find a variety of helpful tips and instructional options to guide you.

Special Interests

In addition to finding out what you need to know to improve your application skills for day-to-day makeup wear, you'll also find out how to create specialized looks for special occasions.

  • Prom - Get tips on creating lovely formal makeup looks appropriate for teens to wear for prom and other special occasions.
  • Wedding - Discover the best ways to apply bridal makeup so you'll look your best when you walk down the aisle.
  • Stage - Learn how to apply different stage makeup techniques to look great when you're in the spotlight.
  • Historical - Find out how women applied makeup in past decades, including the 1920s, 1950s, 1970s and 1980s.

Brush Up Your Skills

With all the helpful articles in the How to Apply Makeup category on LoveToKnow Makeup, you'll be able to apply your cosmetics like a pro in no time. Any time you're looking for a fresh idea or want to discover how to work with a cosmetic product that you haven't used before without making a makeup mistake, check here before going anywhere else. Chances are you'll find expert content that provides exactly what you're seeking!

How to Apply Makeup