Halloween Makeup Techniques

Article Highlight: Halloween Ghost Makeup: Get a Stunning, Supernatural Look

Halloween ghost makeup is not simply about slapping on some white face paint and saying "Boo!" There are other ways to make yourself look scary, and the techniques aren't frightening at all. Keep reading »

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Nothing says Halloween like getting creative and using various Halloween makeup techniques to present a glorious alter ego!

Using Halloween Makeup Techniques

Halloween brings out the little kid in us all, and while some of us are quite talented with face paint, many of us are not. That's where these terrific Halloween makeup techniques come in handy. Whether you want to look like a beautiful zombie or a human transformed into a vicious vampire, these articles will walk you through the steps and show you how to get there, with instructions, tips and tricks on a wide variety of Halloween makeup looks.

Get Inspired: Halloween Makeup Ideas

Having trouble deciding on the perfect Halloween look? Try some of these ideas and let your creativity take over:

  • Witch Makeup Ideas: Various witch makeup ideas include the "good witch" and the "bad witch".
  • Gore and Special Effects: Nothing says Halloween like plenty of gore and spooky special effects!

Whether you need ideas for your Halloween eye makeup, face paint designs, or your glow in the dark makeup look, you'll find an array of the hottest Halloween makeup styles here.

Ready the Palette

The first step in applying Halloween makeup is to make sure you have all the necessary tools. These tools can vary from makeup sponges to the actual makeup palette. Another key factor to consider is being ready for spills; nothing puts a damper on a fun night like an unsightly stain!

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Getting ready for everybody's favorite holiday was never so easy, or so much fun!

Halloween Makeup Techniques