Eye Makeup Techniques

Article Highlight: Cute Simple Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

Whether you have light brown, dark brown or hazel eyes, there are simple yet versatile eye makeup options to suit everyone. These cute looks are easy to create; all are done in five steps or less! Keep reading »

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Eye Makeup Techniques
Learn about smoky eye techniques.

Knowing the right eye makeup techniques can help you accurately and easily achieve the look you want. When applied correctly, eye shadows, eyeliners, and mascara can transform anyone from the girl next door to a ravishingly sexy siren. Learn which techniques work best and find out what's new and hot.

Different Types of Eye Makeup Techniques

There are many ways to apply eye makeup, and different techniques can produce very different results. Look your best by learning how to:

  • Apply a basic eye makeup look with professional-looking results
  • Apply sexy evening eye makeup like an expert
  • Delve into the world of smoky bedroom eyes
  • Create unique, dramatic, or fantasy eye looks
  • Work with particular products to create a look, such as liquid eyeliner for a cat eye look
  • Enhance your eyes for special occasions, such as a wedding, formal dance, or special event
  • Use celebrity or runway eye makeup styles as inspiration for your own look
  • Do retro-inspired eye makeup

It's also important to get eye makeup tips based on eye shape, because if you have large, round eyes, you won't be trying to achieve the same effects as someone with hooded lids. Choose the right shadows for your eye color, learn how to make your eyes look larger, how to make them look younger, and how to wear the latest trends, like bright eye makeup.

Enhance Your Eyes

For any eye makeup application, applying primer beforehand can help the makeup adhere and the style last longer. Using the best quality products that you can afford will also help you achieve the most professional look. Step-by-step tutorials, detailed articles, and lots of visuals make it easier to learn how to enhance your eyes in just the right way for you particular eye shape and color, as well as for the occasion. Experiment with different techniques to create the perfect eye makeup look; with so many different products and ways to apply them, the possibilities are limitless.

Eye Makeup Techniques